The genius scientist Tesla once said that he had been catching alien signals since 1899, 116 years ago today!

Alien signal detector

Tesla is a famous scientist in the 19th century with a series of important inventions, the most famous of which are breakthrough inventions in electricity and magnetic fields, creating the second industrial revolution.

His quaint and eccentric personality made him isolated in the scientific community at that time, and they considered him a mad scientist.

Among his inventions, Tesla built a radio and a receiver that he said could pick up signals from aliens.

According to the FBI announcement, the inventions in his document were far ahead of their time, secret technologies such as wireless transmitters could send radio signals into outer space.

Tesla’s genius is undeniable, and the question is, what is the result of the alien detector?

Will he detect signals from aliens or not?

Since 1896, Tesla has put a lot of effort into creating and searching for life beyond the earth, he believes his machine can completely do it.

In the summer of 1899, while engrossed in his work at the Colorado Springs library, he suddenly discovered a mysterious sequence of codes obtained from his machine.

He confirmed it was a sequence of signals obtained from life beyond Earth.

So where did that mysterious message actually come from?

When asked by the Red Cross about his prediction for the greatest human achievements in the next century, he replied with a letter:

The following is a translation of the letter’s contents:

To the American Red Cross, New York City.
The past is the glory, the perspective the inspiration: perhaps as much as they are talked about. But there is one thing that is always on my mind.

I have observed the behavior of currents, which are inexplicable. I’m not sure what they are, they help me predict human existence on this earth.

Open your eyes towards the sky, with love and respect, fear.

O compatriots! We receive a message from another world, unknown and far away. It says: One… two… three…

Signed: Nikola Tesla

Thus, in his letter, he sent a message to everyone about extraterrestrial life and the unknowns he received.

Strangely, he is not the only one who believes that there is life “out there”. Marconi, who received a patent for radio research a few years later, also received signals with more noise.

In 1937, Nicola Tesla announced:

“I have devoted all this time to perfecting a small apparatus with an amount of energy that can light up distant stars at any distance with the least dispersion” (New York Times, author). Japan, July 11, 1937).

The findings reinforce Tesla’s position then

1. 1970

Interestingly, in 1970, LG Lawrence (Ecola Academy manager) revealed a connection to alien life.

“On October 29, 1971… while running the RBS discovery project, our sensor detected a series of complex signals while pointing the instrument at the constellation Ursa Măjor. The phenomenon took place for the next 33 minutes…”

“A similar phenomenon was observed on April 10, 1972… clear signs, weak at first then turning into large, binary patterns… in 3 to 10 minutes…”

2. 1980

Engineer Greg Hodowanec confirmed Tesla’s claim on his own Rhysmonic Cosmology while experimenting with a gravity wave detector he designed.

In 1988, Hodowanec presented:

Many signals have been recorded up to now, of which emerging is the 3-beat signal (S code), in addition to the E, N, A and K code signals, but the most persistent signal is SE, SE. ..
Source: Soha,Trithuctre

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