At the beginning of 2017, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) released millions of pages of declassified documents, including never-before-seen information about the hunt for unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and a whole bunch of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). A research project on superpowers conducted by the CIA.

Leaked CIA secret documents: 3 UFOs appeared to spy on military bases in Antarctica

Declassified documents
It was the first time that the CIA put all of the nearly 13 million pages of documents, including some of the most controversial CIA and US government information on the internet, for everyone to see. easily accessible. The release was made in accordance with US Executive Order 13526, which requires US agencies, including the CIA, to declassify documents over 25 years old, unless the document is on a list Document items are not declassified.

Under this law, the CIA would have to declassify new documents each year. Technically, much of that information has been made available to the public since the mid-1990s, but most of it is difficult to access. Specifically, before the documents were posted on the internet, interested people could only access them through four computers located at the US National Archives in Maryland from 9am to 16h30 daily.

In 2014, the freedom of information advocacy organization MuckRock sued the CIA to force the agency to post its trove of data on the internet. At the same time, an American reporter named Mike Best also raised more than $ 15,000 to go to the National Archives and print the documents on paper, publicly posting online to pressure the CIA.

A CIA file of UFO sightings

Faced with this situation, in November 2016, the CIA announced that it would publish the document and the publication of the document was made by them two months later. It is worth noting that among the documents released by the CIA is a repository of documents about UFOs that people have always been curious about. According to statistics, out of a total of more than 930,000 files of documents published by the CIA, internet users who type the phrase “UFO” will receive 1,738 results. These UFO records appear to span from 1942 to 2009.
One document, dated August 3, 1966, detailed the unusual phenomenon recorded on the horizon near the border. between Iran and the Soviet Union. “As we approached the Rudeshur area, located more than 40km from Mehrabad Airport in Teheran, we suddenly saw a brilliant white sphere of color and luminosity close to that of the full moon. The sphere appeared suddenly and was initially about three times the size of the full moon ,” the document in the CIA’s archives records. This phenomenon lasted up to 5 minutes.

Still according to the records in this document, eyewitnesses said, “Finally, the light from the strange object dimmed. By this time, the sphere gradually rose above the horizon. Its size also became large. so large that it seemed to cover an entire area”. Notes in the CIA document also confirmed that the weather conditions on the day of the incident were very beautiful, the clear blue sky made human vision seem limitless.

The document was labeled “Mulder” while it recorded reports of UFO sightings in what was then East Germany, Spain, and South Africa in 1952. In the US, the CIA documents include documenting discussions about UFOs by CIA branch chiefs around the world. Documents about the incident in East Germany detail how an object resembling a large frying pan about 15 meters in diameter hovered before landing in a forest.
The record of UFO sightings in the Tunisian city of Sousse says the object emits a very strange blue light.. According to the document, in the same year, the CIA also conducted a survey of UFO sighting reports. A file recorded in 1953 also gathered information about UFO sightings in Spain, Greece, Algeria and later Morocco, France. These documents record a number of incidents based on information published in the press.

This brochure is titled “ Unusual Military Aircraft ”. Among the more closely recorded documents is the incident where two police officers while patrolling the Lithuanian border on June 27, 1996 also reported seeing a UFO. ” Vehicles carrying soldiers from the rapid response force, sniffer dogs and police were quickly on the scene . “

“Witnesses reported that they noticed a spherical object hanging and shaking. At the same time, they also heard sounds such as electronic explosions or explosions of electrical equipment. When moving closer , the policemen said that the sphere went up and quickly left ,” the document states. The local police chief later confirmed to the media that the two officers who saw the UFO were healthy people, mentally normal.

The 1953 file also records proposals for the creation of a scientific advisory committee on UFOs, as well as multi-minute tapes at a meeting of the Office of UFO Intelligence that year. Photos posted on the CIA’s website during the release of this document include an inexplicable scene that occurred in Minneapolis in 1960 and another above Sheffield in the US. in 1962.

Among the photos many asserted to be UFOs backed up by the CIA also included images of a UFO investigation in Socorro.

Psychic Research Project

In addition, among the documents released by the CIA, there are files on other notable cases and issues. In particular, these documents also include a detailed description of the ” Star Gate ” project implemented by the CIA.

In the framework of this project, the CIA recruited volunteers to participate in a training program for telepathy and superpowers such as seeing through walls with the aim of building a force of ” super spies “. members ” have the ability to gather information without the need for conventional tools, using unstoppable ” super-powered weapons ” to carry out missions.

In the project file, the CIA also kept a record of the experiments on the famous psychic Uri Geller in 1973. They estimated that Mr. Geller could accurately redraw part, sometimes the whole. A set of pictures placed in the next room, from which he draws the conclusion that he ” shows mystical psychic abilities clearly and convincingly “, that is, there is the existence of mystical perceptual abilities.

In addition, among the documents that the CIA declassified in the first batch of 2017 also included hundreds of thousands of pages of intelligence analysis and scientific research on many issues such as the campaign to dig a 400m-long tunnel to eavesdrop on phones. of the Soviet Union by the United States from 1952 to 1956, or the invisible ink project.

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