Tunguska Explosion: One of the “Three Great Secrets of the Century” that challenges humanity the most.

In early 2009, during a high-level meeting with military officials of the Pentagon (US Department of Defense) discussing the development of antimatter weapons, American doctor Kenis Edward mentioned the term ” Three great secrets of the century”.

According to him, the “Three Great Secrets of the Century” is the reason why he wants to research antimatter weapons with unimaginable destructive power.

The mysterious events that challenge humanity to this day that Dr. Kenis Edward mentioned, include:

A mysterious mushroom cloud appeared over Alaska in 1984.
Two mysterious halos appeared in the Indian Ocean in 1979.
Massive aerial explosion (called the “Tunguska Event”) over Siberia in 1908
. Among them, the “Tunguska Event” is of most interest to the scientific community.

A reconstruction of the horrific 1908 aerial explosion called the “Tunguska Incident”.

After more than 100 years since this mysterious aerial explosion occurred, people still cannot find a satisfactory explanation for the fact that an explosion has the same destructive power as 15 million tons of TNT (1000 times more than bombs). The atomic drop on Hiroshima by Japan in 1945) occurred in the Tunguska River area.

Several tens of seconds after the explosion, the shock wave wiped out 80 million trees and all animals over an area of ​​more than 2,000 square kilometers.

The explosion has the same destructive power as 15 million tons of TNT…

…caused 80 million trees to be wiped out.

Even after 2 days, the burning dust of the explosion provided enough light for Londoners (10,000 km from the center of the explosion) to read newspapers at night without turning on the lights!

However, that is not the whole story. This secret has not been deciphered, another secret was found in the area near the terrible explosion on the Tunguska River.

Discovering the giant Patomskiy crater: Mysterious husband mystery

41 years later, in 1949, Russian geologist Vadim Kolpakov suddenly discovered a huge mysterious crater, 160m in diameter, 40m high. He named it: Patomskiy Crater.

According to estimates by geologists, Patomskiy contains about 1 million tons of rubble.

Giant Patomskiy crater taken from above.

The mysterious appearance of the Patomskiy crater has attracted many scientific studies. Since then, there have been many explanations about the origin of the giant crater, located near the area where the mysterious “Tunguska Event” occurred.

Geologist Vadim Kolpakov believes that the crater formed from a meteorite impact that occurred about 250 to 300 years ago. However, conducting research on rock samples disproves this hypothesis.

Some scientists have theorized that Patomskiy crater is an extinct volcano. This hypothesis was also quickly proven wrong when Russian geologists failed to detect samples of cooled magma.

Patomskiy crater is also known as the mysterious “eagle nest”.

After a series of disproved theories, the famous Russian geologist Alexander Portnov was surprised with the statement: Patomskiy crater is the result of the terrible Tunguska explosion that occurred 41 years earlier.

According to Mr. Portnov, the mysterious “Tunguska Event” was the huge UFO explosion accident. After exploding and creating a source of destructive energy, the broken metal fragments formed the giant Patomskiy mound.

This hypothesis was supplemented when extremely high iron levels were detected at a depth of 150m from the crater.

Scientist Igor Simonov of the Moscow Institute of Mechanics (Russia) said that the Patomskiy crater was formed from a giant collision of a cylindrical object plunging into the ground at extremely high speed.

It is possible that the Patomskiy crater was the result of a giant UFO collision. (Illustration).

The mystery of the Patomskiy crater’s origin seemed to be solved with modern equipment when the expedition led by geologist Eugeny Vorobiev in 2005.

However, when the journey was about 1 km from the Patomskiy crater, tragedy suddenly struck when the expedition leader Eugeny Vorobiev suddenly collapsed.

When he was taken to the hospital by his companions, Eugeny Vorobiev was already dead. The doctors concluded that he died of a sudden heart attack.

The death of explorer Eugeny Vorobiev quickly spread, causing locals living nearby to believe that he died because of a mysterious force that has existed for decades.

What is the giant crater Patomskiy actually? Was it the result of an explosion in the ground? Or the remnants of a terrible collision of an alien flying saucer?

If we humans decipher the origin of Patomskiy crater, the mystery of the explosion in the air 108 years ago will also be revealed?

To date, the “Tunguska Event” with the giant crater Patomskiy is the largest double mystery pairing in Siberia today.
According to Young Intellectuals/Soha

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