The video accidentally recorded the scene of three UFOs hovering around the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, causing many people to worry about the possible existence of aliens.

UFO appeared in the most mysterious area of ​​ancient Egypt.

The strange video posted on the Youtube page of the Section 51 channel shows that not one but three strange objects are hovering around the pyramids in the Giza plateau, including the great pyramid of Giza.

The observation image on the video can be seen, the UFOs look like inverted pyramids flying around the top of the pyramids on the ground. In addition, there is a crowd of tourists heading towards the wonder of the ancient world to admire this strange sight.
According to critics, this video is said to be the most “substance” among previous UFO publications because of its clear and sharp image, creating a sense of authenticity for viewers.

Even at close range, when the upside-down UFOs revolved around the top of the pyramid, it was very clear.

Although the section 51 channel does not give any specific details, the video’s subtitles claim that the special fleet of UFOs appeared at the pyramids of Giza around April 2016. Interestingly, the UFO was appeared continuously here for about 4 hours.

UFO appeared at the Giza pyramid for the first time?

Perhaps many people who have just watched this video for the first time think that this is the first time the mysterious UFO fleet appears at the Giza pyramids. However, in fact, in ancient Egyptian history, there were records of mysterious UFO appearances near the most sacred “holy place” in the land of the pyramids.

In ancient Egypt, there are mentions of UFO “visits” from the time when the powerful Pharaohs ruled the country.

Many ancient Egyptian texts have mentioned UFO appearances.

Specifically, the mysterious ancient book Tulli Papyrus, a mysterious and curious document about the earliest UFO sightings in history, shows that there is information about a UFO-shaped object described as similar to a UFO. such as the “ring of fire” that appeared on the pyramids around 1500 BC.

Fierce controversy, which is the truth?

The discovery of UFOs flying around the pyramids in Egypt strengthens the conspiracy theory about whether or not the unique architecture of the ancient pyramids has the hidden intervention of a mysterious force in outer space. from thousands of years ago.

However, many people think that the video about the UFO fleet appearing in the land of the Giza pyramids is actually just a clever scam built using CGI technology (also known as simulation technology). computer image).

Experts say that, if this amazing phenomenon really took place, they would have been widely publicized on international television, not just posted on a separate news site.

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