The British newspaper The Times recently published an article stating that a project of the Center of Theological Inquiry,CTI is funded by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) , is recruiting 24 Theologians, to assess how people’s reactions to the universe will change after the discovery of aliens.

NASA recruits Theologians to contact aliens, the time to decipher is near? Is it a blessing or a disaster for aliens to come into contact with Earth people? (Screenshot of the video “Unsolved Mystery”)

This article is not surprising. Someone asked the question: Is the day when the secret of aliens is officially deciphered? Even NASA is quietly preparing? If one day the declassification process is officially completed, aliens can come into contact with Earth people properly, what does that mean for humanity?

Perhaps from the stories below, you will draw your own conclusions.

The man who admitted to having an affair with aliens
The first person we will talk about is an Englishman named Simon Parkes, who lives in Whitby, a small town in the county of North Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

In April 2012, Mr. Parkes, who has been married for many years, was interviewed in a documentary called “Confessions of an Alien Abductee”. on British channel “Channel 4”. During the interview, Mr. Parkes suddenly admits that he has a mistress, but that it is not a human, but looks like a Gray alien. Even more unbelievable, Parkes also said that he and this alien had an illegitimate child named “Zarka”.

Mr. Simon Parks has revealed he has a lover who is not human. (Screenshot of the video “Unsolved Mystery”)

Hearing this, many people will probably think that this man must be paranoid or mentally abnormal. However, Mr. Parkes is not only a very ordinary man, moreover, two months before the release of this documentary, he was also elected as a councilor for Whitby Town. Every day, he went to contact with residents and handled the official affairs, arranging work in a very orderly manner.

According to an article in The Huffington Post, when Mr. Parkes revealed his “adultery,” his wife was furious, and his marriage was in jeopardy. However, Parkes argued that because his mistress was not human, he could not be judged by secular standards. Mr Parkes also admitted that his family supported his appearance on TV, but they did not want his life to be disturbed.

Mr Parkes said: “My daughter emailed me and told me to stop. In fact, the whole family soon learned about the strange things happening to me, but they didn’t want their lives to be disrupted because of that.”

So is what Mr. Parkes admitted true? What strange things happened to you? This needs to go back to his childhood.

The British MP revealed: His mother is an alien
Mr. Parkes’ mother worked for the UK Security Service (MI5) from 1965 to 1979. However, although she was under the management of the Intelligence Service. In fact, she also worked for the US National Security Agency (NSA). Her job is to collect documents related to the technology of crashed UFOs.

Mr Parkes said that his biological mother was not an employee of the Security Service, but a “blue alien” with a height of 2.74 meters and only eight fingers. Mr. Parkes said that when he was 6 months old, he discovered an alien next to his bed, touching his body with green fingers and only four fingers. At that time he thought: “It’s not my hand, my hand is pink and has a thumb.”

Parkes said that he looked directly into the alien’s face, and that the alien sent a message to his brain through his eyes: “I am your biological mother, I am the more important person. my mom”.

Parkes also said that when he was 3 years old, a 2.4m tall alien dressed as a waiter came to help him cure chickenpox when his mother was out. Then, at the age of 11, “his biological mother” even took him on a tour of the alien spacecraft.

Parkes said: He just told people what he saw; For those who have never experienced this, it is very difficult to accept. Therefore, it is not that he himself is the problem.

Initially, Mr. Parkes was criticized by the media. However, an event in 2013 changed everyone’s mind. Mr. Parkes was invited by the British Ministry of Defense (MOD) to attend a small party and visit a secret space radar base in the UK. This confused the media, how did this man get such a welcome from the military? They then took Mr. Parkes’ story more seriously.

In fact, things like Mr. Parkes’ contact with aliens are not an isolated case.

Italian woman gives birth to an alien fetus
In 2009, Giovanna Podda, a 41-year-old Italian woman, claimed that she had been targeted by aliens since she was 4 years old. She also gave birth to an alien fetus. From the UFO video on her cell phone to the deformed fetus doctors saw after she miscarried, there’s plenty of evidence that hybrid aliens aren’t fiction. Mediaset television company shocked Italy immediately after broadcasting this story.

On the show, Podda described her first contact with aliens: “I remember there was a flying saucer in the sky, but I don’t remember how I got into the saucer. I found myself floating, surrounded by aliens on all sides, I found myself untied. They telepathically told me not to move, I’ll be fine, they wanted to do something with me, they checked my body composition: tissue, blood…”

Podda has some scars on her body and some luminescent substance, which is a substance on the skin of those aliens. “It was used to control my body and it was also used as an insulator,” she explains.

When technicians went to Podda’s room to take samples, they found the luminescent substances in her clothes. Laboratory analysis revealed it to be a very strange substance. “The electrons of this matter are very dynamic, they create a huge magnetic field, like when we put phosphorus in a particle accelerator, but Miss Podda couldn’t do it,” the scientists said. This is at home.”

Later, researchers also carried out an X-ray examination of Podda and discovered that she had an implanted object in her brain, but the tools and methods available were unable to determine what it was. .

So Miss Podda was taken for further examination. Surprisingly, the doctors detected a heartbeat similar to that of the baby, but strangely no fetus was found. Due to fetal complications, she decided to have an abortion, but did not expect that it was a fetus that had formed. Doctors were terrified when they saw the stillbirth, its appearance was terrifying: it had limbs, hands, feet and a body, but it looked like an alien.

Debbie Leonard says she has been in contact with aliens for over 30 years. (Screenshot of the video “Unsolved Mystery”)

There are many examples of aliens performing artificial insemination without the female victim’s knowledge. Until now, most women who were forced to conceive by aliens had an unusual miscarriage, in fact the aliens carried the child away with a fake abortion. Debi Reynolds, who lives in the state of Kentucky, USA, detailed more than 30 years of contact with aliens and her experience going on a UFO to see a hybrid child.

The British Daily Mail reported on January 20, 2016 that, there is a civil women’s organization called “Hybrid Baby Community”, all of them claiming to have a mixed-race child. aliens, those children are currently living in giant UFOs and will come to Earth in the near future.

What is the purpose of the aliens?
So why do aliens do these things? Ms. Nielsen, a member of the Hybrid Children Community, revealed that the aliens not only want to have hybrid children, but also want to create hybrids and change the human race. If this is true, then the question is, why would they want to do so?

There is a theory that aliens like the Gray aliens are infertile due to genetic defects, so they can only reproduce through cloning technology. Perhaps, they targeted the human body, wanted to find a solution to reproduce from the human body, so they took Earthlings for research. They probably wanted to see if it was possible to clone directly from a human body and transplant their own soul.

However, this method may not have worked, so they devised a way to create hybrid beings, combining their genes with human genes in an attempt to find the best solution. So came the stories we just talked about above.

Some of you may ask: What is so special about the human body that aliens have to spend so much?

Most of the peoples and countries in the world have legends about the Gods who created man, although the form is different, almost all have the same connotation. That is, after the formation of Heaven and Earth, different Gods came down to earth, based on their shapes, created humans with divine power, and then gave them souls. Different Gods created different nations and peoples. The most famous story is probably that in ancient times in China, Nuwa molded mud, imitated her own shape, and created humanity. In the “Bible” in the West, it is described that on the sixth day of creation, God Jehovah imitated his own form to create man from clay. In other words, the human body is an imitation of a God’s body, so it’s inherently non-trivial.

In addition, through the study of human DNA, modern science has also discovered that DNA contains a lot of interesting information that humans cannot decipher, leading scientists to admire that the human body who is a masterpiece of God. Perhaps, with the high technology of the aliens, their understanding of the human body has far surpassed ours.

In fact, more and more people believe that in this vast universe, Earth is not the only planet with life. To date, several government agencies and organizations, such as NASA, are researching the existence of extraterrestrials and preparing to share this information with the public. There are many UFO enthusiasts looking forward to this, because they believe that the aliens have good intentions and want to help people. But is that true?

British physicist Stephen Hawking warned before his death that human contact with aliens could have devastating consequences. (Photo: Elhombredenegro / Wikipedia)

The universe is full of mysteries, it is difficult for us to make a final judgment and conclusion. However, looking at the case of the hybrid alien children, the situation is not really optimistic. Perhaps, we should still remember the warning that British physicist Stephen Hawking once gave when he was alive: Aliens are probably not good people, humans if exposed to them can lead to destructive consequences.

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