A few years ago, in June 2002, a strange object came to light – the Lanzhou Stone was found by a Chinese collector from Lanzhou named Mr. Zhilin Wang. This strange artifact is actually a rock with a threaded metal rod embedded in it.

Zhilin Wang discovered this strange stone near the Marzong mountains on the border of Gansu and Xijiang provinces, China. After that, many space science experts and researchers turned their attention to Lanzhou Rock, believing it to be a space artifact.

Detailed Shape of Lanzhou Stone
The strange stone measures about 8cm x 6cm x 6cm and is pear-shaped, weighs 466g and is very hard. Through preliminary analysis, we know that this stone is of a completely unknown type, it is completely different from the common stones on Earth, so many people suspect that this stone is a stone. a meteorite.

However, what makes people curious is not only the composition of the stone, but what makes people really curious is the threaded metal rod (similar to a screw) embedded in it. .

“More than 10 global geologists and physicists from Gansu Province National Bureau of Soil Resources, Gansu Province Nonferrous Metals Survey Bureau, Institute of Geology and Minerals Research Institute of Chinese Academy, Lan Branch Chau, and Lanzhou College’s School of Natural Resources and Environment gathered to research the origin of this mysterious stone.

After discussing the possibility that it was man-made and the possible reasons for its formation, the scientists unanimously ranked this stone as one of the most valuable objects in China and around the world for collection, research and archeology”, quoted in “;Lanzhou Morning News” on June 26, 2002.

Amazing theories based on research on Lanzhou Stone
While studying the formation of this mysterious stone, scientists have come up with big theories. One of those theories says that this stone may be the remains of a prehistoric civilization, a civilization similar to ours is believed to have existed on Earth. before modern human civilization.

The Silurian Hypothesis on the Existence of Prehistoric Civilizations
The Silurian Hypothesis is a thought-provoking work that assesses modern science’s ability to uncover evidence of a previous, advanced civilization. maybe a few million or a few hundred million years ago.

In a paper called “The Silurian Hypothesis” published in the Cambridge University Journal of Astrobiology, Adam Frank, an astrophysicist at the University of Rochester, and Gavin Schmidt, director of the Institute for Research Goddard’s space, NASA, proposed an advanced civilization before humans appeared and thought “is it possible to detect an industrial civilization in the geological record?”.

They write, “We sometimes suspect that any prior industrial civilization existed before our time, questioning in a formal way what evidence for that civilization may have existed. like asking useful questions of its own concerning astrobiology and anthropogenic studies”. The term ‘Silur Hypothesis’ was inspired by a 1970s episode of Doctor Who featuring intelligent reptiles.

According to Frank and Schmidt, because fossils are relatively rare and with little contact with the Earth from before the Quaternary, the chances of finding direct evidence of a civilization such as technological artifacts are very low. small. After a long period of time, the researchers concluded that we would be more likely to find indirect evidence such as abnormalities in the chemical composition or isotope ratios of the sediments.

One of the other theories is that Lanzhou Stone could be a meteorite that carries a message in the form of a screwed metal rod that is securely enclosed inside the stone. This theory suggests that the messages could be sent by extraterrestrial beings.

In the end, all scientists and researchers agreed that more research on Lanzhou Stone is needed to answer all questions related to it.

Experts’ thoughts on Lanzhou Stone
Experts are bewildered by this strange stone, but on the other hand, there are also many people who are skeptical about the stone and they believe that it is nothing more than a stone. solid tar with a screw in it. In the end, skeptics claim that the Lanzhou Stone is nothing more than an ordinary rock.

Current Location and Condition of Lanzhou Stone
The current location of the stone and the study of the stone are also not disclosed. Despite this, there are many mysterious theories that have been circulated on social networks.

Final Statement Based on Lanzhou Stone
The stone has yet to be identified and remains a mystery to scientists. But if the stone is indeed a meteorite, it gives us a key clue that we are not alone in this vast universe and that “someone” is trying to establish a connection with us.

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