It wasn’t until recently that one of the most controversial alien proof videos of all time was authenticated.

Alien. (Photo taken from the clip).

For a long time, netizens were constantly buzzing about the story associated with it, that two soldiers assigned to guard the strange creature were arrested for filming it in their cell at night and Publish the video without permission.

The Mystery of the Aliens in Brazil Was Solved
In 2008, a video recorded a gray alien sitting on a chair and making strange sounds, while two soldiers spoke with it something in Portuguese, which began to go viral on the internet.

A story related to the video was also released later, stating that two soldiers on guard duty secretly filmed aliens being held captive at a military base in the Brazilian capital Brasilia on night. Because of this, both soldiers were taken into custody and the aliens were transferred to a US special forces unit the next morning. However, the video was eventually leaked online.

Thousands of websites have re-uploaded the entire video or some excerpts that are considered the most mysterious and fascinating of it. Although many people consider this video to be fake, few of them know its origin. This fact forces experts to come in to find out the truth about the gray alien case arrested in Brazil.

GabeHash TV channel found the original video and contacted Philipe Kling David, who first uploaded the video to the Internet on March 8, 2008 with the title “The captive Gray”. . David is the president of a company specializing in audiovisual services, web design and special effects animation production.

The investigative team also discovered that David also wrote about supernatural topics on his blog and published a science fiction novel titled “Oum Mib story”. The video was eventually revealed to be an animated, computer-generated product as part of a vivid illustration of David’s novel.

The buzz about the “gray aliens in Brazil” suspicions stemmed from the fact that, some people who took David’s video removed the original website address and posted it and put it on other websites as an event. real.

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