A retired US officer believes that the government has set up a special agency to handle cases related to unidentified flying objects (UFOs), but people do not know the existence of this agency. .

A photo used by the media to illustrate a strange flying object above the woods near the US Bentwaters Air Force Base in Suffolk County, England in 1980.

One evening shortly after Christmas 1980, several officers from the US Bentwaters Air Force Base in England arrived at Rendlesham Forest near the town of Woodbridge, Suffolk County after receiving reports of the appearance of multiple lights. strange in the forest. Colonel Charles Halt, the second senior officer on the Bentwaters base, led the investigation team. Their conversation about the results of the investigation was recorded.

Colonel Halt said he saw many strange lights above the forest. A few weeks later such lights were seen again. As Halt and several British policemen approached the light sources, they saw an object shaped like a human eye.

“I don’t know what it is, but it is certainly controlled by an intelligent being. My theory is that it came from an extraterrestrial place,” Halt said.

However, Halt’s investigation team did not draw an official conclusion about the strange light that night despite mentioning many theories about it.

Halt, two former US Air Force officers and a former British officer attended a talk with 200 people at the US National Nuclear Test Museum on the evening of September 22. During the talk, Halt suggested that a secret government agency was hiding information about UFOs, The Huffington Post reported.

“I believe the US government has a secret agency and this agency has been trying to withhold information about UFOs,” Halt said.

The British Ministry of Defense has declassified a lot of documents about UFOs in recent times. But Halt did not see any documents about the mysterious incident near Bentwaters Air Force Base in 1980.

“When the documents were released, all information about the Bentwaters case disappeared, while other data remained,” Halt argued.

Former US Army pilot Charles Halt attends a talk with 200 people at the Nuclear Test Museum in Paradise, Nevada, USA on the evening of September 22.

Bill Coleman, a former pilot with the rank of colonel in the US Army, also attended the talk with Halt. He said he encountered a strange circular object at an altitude of about 6,000m while flying a bomber in 1955. The object moved downwards and Coleman tried to chase it.

“When the plane reached a maximum speed of 480 m / h and flew quite close to the treetops, I could clearly see the object for a short period of time. Then the object appeared over a field at a decent speed. grew and disappeared,” he said.

According to Coleman, if aliens existed, they would not want to land on Earth for a number of reasons. For example, the common cold on earth can kill them.

“If they have the ability to build vehicles capable of traveling at the speed of light, then they are also smart enough to understand that our diseases will destroy them,” he explained.

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