The high-quality television channel of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) always broadcasts live footage from cameras on the International Space Station (ISS).

(Photo: Youtube/Secureteam10)

There are already a lot of space-seeking enthusiasts watching this show regularly, and they don’t miss a single sign.

Recently, those who watch the show with a keen eye have discovered something strange, and as usual, sparking debates about the existence of strange flying objects or aliens. pure.

First, a bright spot appeared in the distance. Youtube user Secureteam10 said it could be the moon but he is not sure about it either.

(Photo: Youtube/Secureteam10)

But the most amazing thing is the appearance of this giant beam from Earth.

(Photo: Youtube/Secureteam10)

Previously, in June 2015, NASA was suspected of deliberately stopping broadcasting live TV channels from the International Space Station ISS to conceal the appearance of three strange objects rising from Earth. has been recorded. Shortly after these objects flew, NASA abruptly stopped the live broadcast and sent a message on the screen that read: “Please take a break. The ‘High Resolution Earth Observation’ test is changing the cameras or we are experiencing a temporary disconnection to the ISS.”

Many viewers commented on what actually appeared in the video. Some claim this is proof of alien UFOs and that NASA knows it. However, until now, NASA has not given any explanation for the appearance of the mysterious light spots.

This isn’t the first time conspiracy theorists have claimed the ISS has inadvertently filmed alien activity. Early last year, UFO enthusiast Toby Lundh claimed to have spotted what he believed to be a UFO outside the ISS while he was watching live TV on his laptop. Mr. Lundh added that, “there are always UFOs appearing and NASA always cuts the broadcast when a UFO approaches the international space station”, according to the International Business Times.

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