400 years ago, in Germany there was a great war between UFOs in the air. It was still more than 300 years before the Wright brothers successfully flew, but many people witnessed UFOs fighting in the sky.

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The Nuremberg UFO Incident, Germany
Over 400 years ago, there was a UFO incident in Nuremberg, Germany, in which UFOs fought with each other, known as the “Nuremberg UFO Incident in Germany”.

The incident happened in the early morning of April 14, 1561, when people saw many strange flying objects in the sky, seemingly fighting. This was immediately spread by the local news. This would be a horrifying event even in modern times, let alone 300 years before the Wright brothers’ first successful controlled flight.

As the rising sun and intense sunlight make the appearance of these objects even more apparent, it is a sight that witnesses will never forget. In the sky, flying cross-shaped and cigar-shaped objects could be seen, which remained in the air for quite some time. Suddenly, these UFOs started crashing into each other, then some fell to the ground and disappeared in a haze. The remaining UFOs in the sky also gradually disappeared in the direction of the Sun.

Reports from 400 years ago
The incident was then followed by a large-scale article documenting this series of strange celestial phenomena, now kept in a library collection in Zurich, Switzerland Si. A partial translation of the text of the report at the time was as follows:

On April 14, 1561, at dawn, about 4 to 5 a.m., a terrible mirage appeared above the Sun. At that time many residents in the city of Nuremberg, and in the countryside, saw “this scene”.

At first, two blood-red semicircles appeared in the center of the Sun. Under the sunlight, there is a half-dark, half-black iron sphere rising and falling, and at the same time there are a large number of blood-red orbs and other spheres like rings on either side of the Sun.

They come in about 3 in a row, 4 in a square, and a few others located individually. Some red cross like blood can also be seen between the 2 spheres…

The spheres began to fight with each other, first the spheres within the Sun flew to the spheres on both sides, then the extrasolar spheres, large and small rods, flew towards the Sun.

In addition, the “orb” flew between them, fighting fiercely for more than an hour. When the conflict inside and outside the Sun was at its most acute, it suddenly became very tired, and eventually fell from the Sun to the Earth. The ones that fell to the ground seemed to be incinerated, also emitting thick smoke.

So far, humanity has had many UFO sightings but rarely like the “UFO incident in Nuremberg, Germany” – UFOs fighting with each other. This is like a modern movie, a scene that seems to only be seen in movies, but happened 400 years ago in Germany. At that time, people could not understand what these objects and their behavior were, only people of devout faith took it as a sign that God had given them to see, a word of wisdom. warn the world and remember it.

The report mentions that people will still forget, disbelieve in God or talk about these signs with disdain, maybe even punishment if anyone mentions it, but it really happened.

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