Professional treasure hunters in the US have found a huge unidentified object in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle, with a never-before-seen appearance and bizarre material, suspected to be a human UFO. aliens sunk here.

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Dyno Mikros is a professional treasure hunter on Discovery. His late friend is the famous American NASA astronaut – Gordon Cooper. Gordon drew a mysterious map in the 1960s, and Dyno used it to find a sunken ship sleeping on the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. Discovery Channel produced 2 episodes of documentary called ‘Cooper ‘s Treasure’ about Dyno’s treasure hunt.

Gordon Cooper was the first American to sleep in space and the first American to travel into space twice. Dyno once said that his friend Gordon believes in the existence of aliens, he believes that there are visitors from another planet on Earth, he has also witnessed the appearance of UFOs. He believes that aliens have left many things in some areas of the world, many advanced technologies also come from aliens.

Detecting an Unidentified Massive Object
As reported by the “Daily Mail,” Dyno analyzed hundreds of magnetic anomalies in the Caribbean using a mysterious map left by his friend Gordon. . Upon arriving in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle near the Bahamas, Dyno conducted a survey dive at an unknown location, initially thought to be an ancient shipwreck, but appeared before human eyes. The experienced treasure hunter was a strange object he had never seen before. The unidentified giant object lying dormant in the sea has the shape of a dome, with a vertical column protruding above and a horizontal column protruding from the side.

Dyno told the “Daily Mail” that the unidentified giant object was completely different from any wreck he had seen in the past. The overall mass is too great and the appearance is unheard of in nature. He thinks this object is an alien UFO. Dyno described it as follows: “Five arm-like objects stretched out from vertical cliffs, each as large as the barrel of a warship.”

Thousand-year-old coral growing on the body of the strange object
Dyno has found other equally strange and puzzling structures around the unidentified giant object, all covered by a thick layer of coral. According to the team’s geophysicists, some appear to be more than 5,000 years old.

Scientists were puzzled and amazed by the thousand-year-old coral found on the surface of the object. The sea where unidentified objects sleep peacefully, there is a very strong current, coral cannot grow in this environment, let alone live there for 5,000 years, this is impossible. Scientists on the team say it is unlikely that any corals in the world would grow naturally in this environment unless there is a structure strong enough to support their growth.

“The three distinct regions all have the same structure, they don’t look like they were naturally formed, but they also don’t look like they were man-made,” says Dyno. I have accumulated many years of experience and have identified many different types of shipwreck textures, but none of them match or resemble the texture on this object.”

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