Although aliens may exist somewhere beyond the vast space of the universe, up to the present time, humans have not been able to detect them. So why is this happening? Below is an explanation for this question.

Aliens may exist, but they have enough smart technology to avoid human sight on Earth.

1. Maybe aliens don’t exist. Although the Milky Way galaxy has hundreds of billions of planets, and scientists have identified up to 40 billion Earth-sized planets in the habitable zone, until now, it has not been determined. inhabited by any aliens. This has led many to hypothesize that we are the only one in this galaxy.

2. There is no human-like life. According to scientists, somewhere in the vast universe there may be life on a certain planet. However, it is not like humans or simply small bacteria or some animals that like quiet.

3. Aliens lack advanced technology. Currently, scientists have used many telescopes capable of receiving radio waves and regularly monitoring the sky. However, without the broadcast of any signal, they could not find the aliens.

4. The destructive space makes the aliens reach us in too short a time. Maybe aliens exist, but they were destroyed when they went out into space to find another planet containing life. The destruction was so fast because of the harsh living conditions of the universe that we could not detect aliens. Because, if we want to discover something, we need time to observe.

5. The universe is such a dangerous place that all exploration is doomed. In the vast universe, it is completely normal for planets to be billions of light years apart. However, between those distances are asteroids flying at terrifying speeds, supernovas, gamma-ray explosions, solar storms… all these disasters are enough to stop any search in space. hold for a long time.

6. We haven’t searched long enough. Currently, astronomy is still young and there is not much time to search for aliens. Therefore, there are many spaces that we humans have never known and there may exist aliens.

7. Search area is too large. In the Milky Way alone, planets can be up to 100,000 light-years apart, and we can’t pick up alien signals at such a distance.

8. We are looking for the wrong place. As mentioned earlier, the fact that space is so large while telescopes can only detect signals in a certain distance has caused astronomers to miss a lot of space in the universe. So it takes quite a bit of extra time to do thorough searches.

9. Alien technology is too advanced, can “blind” the detection. Maybe because alien technology is millions of years more advanced than ours, they have enough ability to avoid human observation on Earth.

10. Aliens are too far away, beyond observation. This means that radio signals cannot be detected when they are transmitted at a very remote location. Thereby making us unable to see aliens.

11. Aliens are not trying to understand the universe. It is possible that the aliens have developed an advanced society and they are forced to abide by a rule not to consider other planets in order to avoid unwanted contact.

12. Maybe we don’t recognize aliens even when they’re around. Conspiracy scientists think that it is possible that the aliens are protected by a layer of intelligent armor, which can avoid all observations so we cannot see them.

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