Some UFO enthusiasts consider the video of an “alien entity” recorded by Soviet scientists to be the clearest glimpse of aliens.

(Photo courtesy of Philipeklingdavid)

Of all the videos that are said to be “evidence” of aliens visiting Earth, none is as difficult to explain or creepy as a short clip of aliens called “Skinny Bob” .

The video, first posted on Reddit in 2011 by an anonymous user named Ivan 0135, allegedly shows the Soviet Union’s National Security Committee (KGB) recording a spacecraft from the Zeta star system. Reticuli landed 40 light years away in Russia.

Video of the alien “Skinny Bob”:

“Skinny Bob” is said to be part of the planet’s diplomatic corps, sent to discuss “issues of mutual interest”. With its bulging skull and huge black eyes, the creature has become the norm for extraterrestrial travelers.

According to the Daily Star, UFO expert Nigel Watson said: ‘Skinny Bob looks like the kind of alien we might expect to emerge from a flying saucer, or the kind of alien found in the area. Roswell, or Mekon in the ’50s comic ‘Dan Dare’. It also bears a striking resemblance to the alien abduction victims sent to him after an alien encounter in the 1970s.” However, he added: “Alien Bob looks very human, not as strange as we imagine.”

It’s hard to believe that aliens from such a distant planet can look so much like Earthlings, but if “Skinny Bob” is a hoax, who are the pranksters and they are? what do you want?

Video effects artist Randy Sharp said that if the clip is fake, “CG effects when producing requires a professional level…with a high level of experience and knowledge”. But no one is trying to monetize this video, some experts estimate it cost around $250,000 to make it.

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