It seems that UFOs like to ‘hide’ in deserted, unspoiled areas, to avoid human sight. For a long time, people have had many rumors about UFOs and aliens, but the number of witnesses is not much. And even more surprising when there are many rumors that governments for some reason deliberately cover up that secret paper.

Recently, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) shared many reports of UFOs in the Himalayas in 13 million pages of classified documents just published online.

The CIA’s archive of documents shows that the agency’s agents are very interested in cases of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) over the Himalayas in Asia, Sputnik News reported on January 31. There are a total of 6 UFO sightings in the sky over the Ladakh and Sikkim regions of India along with the countries of Brutan and Nepal.

Nepal and Sikkim
Around 9 pm on February 19, 1968, a bright object moving at high speed flew across the sky northeast of Nepal and north of Sikkim. According to CIA documents, the strange object has an elongated shape, emitting red and green lights. A thunderclap sound is heard a few seconds after the object appears.

Many cases of UFOs in the Himalayas are recorded in secret CIA documents. (Artwork: Blogspot).

CIA shares another UFO sighting case Thimpu, the capital of the kingdom of Bhutan on February 21, 1968. The document shows that the foreign object moves at high speed and makes no noise, and emits blue light.

On March 4, 1968, an unidentified flying object moved from east to west near Chang La Pass in Ladakh, flying over the Indian Air Force Base in the Fukche and Koyul areas. The CIA said the object was bright white and accompanied by two explosions, in addition to a flash of red light followed by white smoke.

The most interesting case of UFOs in the Himalayas was recorded in Nepal. On March 25, 1968, a giant circular metal object with a base 1.8 meters wide and about 1.2 meters high was found inside a crater in Baltichaur, 8 km from the Nepalese city of Pokhara. northeast. The object appeared accompanied by a white light and two loud explosions.

Since 2016, the CIA has regularly released classified internal documents related to unidentified flying objects. However, at least 20% of these studies have no scientific justification.

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