Alien Hand With Strange Anatomy Found On A Brazilian Beach

A couple came across a skeletal hand that is quite large and has exceptionally long fingers, which are trending as an “alien hand” now. The discovery has triggered confusion, and even scientists believe that the hand does not belong to a human. After the hand was discovered on Brazil Beach, the couple shot a video of the hand with long, bony fingers lying next to a flip-flop in order to compare its size.

The image of the alien hand found on the beach

Leticia Gomes Santiago and her partner Devanir Souza spotted an odd skeleton hand on a beach near Ilha Comprida, Sao Paulo, Brazil, on November 20 while they were out for a walk. It has been suggested by Leticia, who was an eyewitness, that the bony hands with the long fingers could actually be an alien hand.

“We think it is not human because of the size and amount of bones. What could it possibly be? “It’s very big. We don’t know what animal it is, and if it’s an alien, even worse.”

Leticia Gomes Santiago

Many people commented on the size and structure of the hand which includes:

“Looks like ET’s hand.”

‘Mermaid hand’.

“Might as well be a Dinosaur bone!”

“Take it to a biologist, because this isn’t normal.”

The hand is covered in sand.

If Marine expert Eric Comin is to be believed then the strange ‘hand’ belonged to a cetacean, an aquatic mammal that comprises whales, dolphins, and porpoises. However, he acknowledged that additional tests would be necessary to determine who exactly these skeletal remains belongs to.

“We always prioritize leaving the bones on the beach so it does not interfere with the cycling of nutrients within the ecosystem.”

Henrique Chupill, the spokesperson for IPEC, told Jam Press.

“Eventually, when there is some scientific interest, we collect them to be used in studies. If they are recently-deceased animals, we collect them to perform necropsies and identify the cause of death.”

The biologist concluded, based on the photos and level of decomposition, that the cetacean likely died at sea some 18 months ago. Comin further added that the bones belonged to a dolphin based on their size and the frequency of dolphins in the vicinity. The scientist emphasized that anyone who discovers animal remains on the beach should alert the Cananéia Research Institute, the region’s environmental agency (IPEC).

Well, who this hand actually belongs to is so far a mystery and considering the enigmatic happenings all around the world, there is a possibility that this could actually belong to some extraterrestrial creature. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section.

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