Mind-Bending Alien Contact Cases From The Ural Region

There are many alleged cases of alien contact from around world every year, each of which is as different as they are intriguing. However, without a doubt, some of the most mind-blowing on record come from the Ural regions of Russia. What’s more, many of these incidents were documented almost immediately after they occurred as opposed to be investigated retrospectively.

While we certainly do not have space nor time to examine each and every one of those encounters here, we will take a look at some of the more interesting ones. Each of which is unique in its own right, while also containing certain details that would appear to connect them.

What is also interesting, as we shall see, is that many of the accounts we will look at here could just as easily sit within accounts of poltergeists and interdimensional encounters. Indeed, they might make us consider if apparent encounters with aliens can really be so easily explained as events with creatures from elsewhere in the universe.

The Yekaterinburg UFO Study Group have investigated many of these apparent contact events from this part of the world, and it is to their research and case files that much of what follows is based.

A Strange Disappearance On The Night Shift!
On the night of 13th August 1991 in the town of Krasnoturyinsk, the witness known only as R, was at work on guard duty at a nearby farm, his main duty to guard the heavy-duty combine harvesters that resided there. In the morning, family arrived to pick him and take him home from his shift. However, to their surprise, he was nowhere to be seen.

They alerted other workers on the farm and a search was immediately carried out. However, there was no sign of him anywhere, it was as if he had simply vanished. The manager of the farm was informed and, with the aid of authorities, and organized search was planned and carried out. This search went on for five straight days, but the man remained unaccounted for. The family were particularly concerned as they felt it was unlikely that he had simply gotten lost. He knew the entire area like the back of his hand. Something strange and out of the ordinary had to have taken place.

Then, on 18th August – five days after he was last seen – he suddenly appeared near Lobik Station. He had his passport with him and managed to convince a taxi driver to take him to his home address. One he arrived him in the small village of Rudnichny, looking “barely alive” the authorities and an ambulance were called.

After being checked over by doctors, R revealed just what had taken place.

He would recall that he had arrived at work on the night in question at 5 pm. Everything was normal and quiet until just after midnight when he noticed something strange, like a white, spinning object flying fast over a nearby field. The next thing he realized, the object was directly overhead, the entire area now lit up in the green glow that came from its underside.

At this point, R turned and ran toward one of the combine harvesters, went inside the cabin and pulled the door shut. From where he was, he could now see the disc-shaped craft had come even lower to just above the trees a short distance away. As he watched, a cone of light came from the underside and stretched to the ground. As R looked toward this cone, he could see that there were three strange entities inside it. And of more concern, they were looking in his direction.

A Strange Transportation From One Place To Another
He remained as still as he could, all the while keeping his eyes on these strange creatures. They each wore a one-piece grey-blue overalls. What’s more, he could now several other figures behind them. Something told him these particular figures were females. All the while the disc continued to hover overhead.

Then, the combine harvester’s door flung open, and an invisible force pulled out of the cabin. He found himself, moving through the air, heading toward the disc-shaped object. Fear began to run through him before a huge white flash-like explosion appeared.

The next thing he realized it was morning. However, he was no longer near the combine harvesters. He found himself in a field in the middle of nowhere. Around him he could see the burning remains of fallen trees and smoke rising into the air. Then, after walking around for several moments in an attempt to get his bearings, he saw the strange creatures once more. And this time, there were more than just three.

He remained out of sight as best he could, watching as the creatures appeared to be gathering berries, various types of grass, and even used metallic “fishing nets” to gather something unknown out of the treetops.

His attention, though, was quickly drawn to something far more terrifying and disturbing.

A Scene Of Death And Carnage
R claimed he could see multiple dead people – men, women, and children. And what’s more, many of them lay in unnatural, twisted positions, some of them “already turned blue”. He couldn’t quite tell what had happened, or what was going on.

He saw a set of lattice-like boards that were piled up nearby. He went over to them and climbed on top in an attempt to get a better look. However, before he could get his balance his footing gave way sending him to the ground. As he did so, he noticed a surge of further activity taking place a short distance ahead.

He noticed several tall figures, each of which appeared to be speaking into triangular walkie-talkies. He watched in amazement as they appeared to put something in their mouths and disappeared, as if they had been transported onto the ship.

R looked around that and noticed there were a great many of the shorter entities with the grey-blue overalls remained, each continuing with whatever duties they were doing. He remained there for two days simply watching the activities below. On several occasions one or two of them would begin approaching him. To this, R would “shake his fist” in warning for them to stay away, something which seemingly worked as they retreated each time.

He then couldn’t recall what happened next, as the next thing he remembered was of running along a solid road. It was wet and raining heavily, and his clothes were completely soaked. He eventually found a large tree near the roadside which he could take shelter under. Once there, he lay down and went to sleep, exhausted.

The following day he set out again, eventually coming to Lobik. From there, he would find himself to the station where he was picked up by the taxi driver.

Definite Signs Of Something Strange Having Taken Place
Ultimately, he remained in hospital for a month. As well as his ramblings of meeting “unknown people”, the skin on his legs was completely gone leaving them completely raw and injured. It couldn’t be determined how this had occurred.

When UFO investigators got hold of the case and went to investigate the site, although the radiation levels were as they should be, they discovered the burnt trees that R recalled seeing. There also appeared to be an impact point where something large appeared to have slammed into the ground.

They also discovered there were many further broke and burnt trees in the area, as well as further, secondary damage for quite a distance further out. When soil samples were taken and later analyzed it was discovered to have significantly “elevated chromium content” (although some put this down to the natural landscape).

Despite this evidence that something strange had indeed happened in the middle of the country, there were no further witnesses to the UFO itself, and there was no sign of any of the dead bodies that R claimed he saw.

Just what might he have witnessed? Might he have seen some kind of bizarre abduction that involved the deaths of all those taken? Or might a crash of some kind have taken place which the extraterrestrials were now covering up and leaving no sign of? Was this some kind of clean-up operation? Perhaps this potential otherworldly craft had collided with an airplane and sent it crashing to the ground. And if any of the above is true, how had R become separated from everyone else involved?

It is an account that is perplexing and intriguing in equal measure. And one that perhaps divides opinion in UFO circles.

Something In The House – The Unsettling Account Of “KT”
According to another report by the Yekaterinburg UFO Study Group [1] in late May 1991, a witness known only as KT was at home with her husband and their daughter in the small village of Istok, near Yekaterinburg, when she would experience an encounter that would change her life forever.

She had gone to bed around 11 pm that night, leaving her husband in the living room watching hockey on the television. She could see into the room from the bedroom through the door she had left open and recalled it was somewhere near 2 am when she finally began to drift off to sleep. However, as she did, she heard a sudden sound of a door creaking and then of footsteps somewhere nearby.

She peered out into the living room and could see her husband, with his back to her, continuing to watch the television, seemingly unaware of the noise she had just heard. Assuming she must have imagined it, she returned to bed and went back to sleep. However, several moments later, she heard the sound of footsteps making their way toward the bathroom. Once more, she at first assumed it was her husband, but when they continued past the bathroom and toward the bedroom, she became alert once more, although she kept her eyes closed, listening.

Then, she felt a presence enter the room. It appeared to make its way around the bed and to the small bed where her daughter was sleeping. Her entire body filled with fear as she turned around to look to where her daughter was sleeping.

When she opened her eyes, she could see nobody there, and everything appeared as she would have expected it. Then, everything changed.

A Strange Creature That Transported Out Of The Room
Suddenly, as if a pair of invisible hands were reaching under her back, she found herself rising above the bed. She attempted to scream but was shocked that nothing came out. Try as she might, she was unable to make a sound. She continued her attempts to struggle but she was essentially paralyzed. She heard the sound of someone nearby, and then, without warning, the “hands” under her back were gone and she fell back to the bed.

In the confusion of the fall and in bringing her senses back together, she closed her eyes and heard footsteps leaving the room. When she opened them, both to her relief and her surprise, there was nobody there. However, when she looked to the doorway, she noticed a strange white circle on the floor. Even stranger, was the strange creature, around three to four feet tall, standing next to it.

The bizarre being had a thin body with long arms and a larger than normal head, upon which he wore some kind of hat or skullcap. When she looked at the creature’s eyes, she could see they were large, almond shaped, and very black on color.

She watched in awe and disbelief as the creature stepped inside the white circle. A moment later, the circle and the curious entity were no longer there, as if they had been transported to a destination unknown.

She remained where she was for several minutes before daring to leave the bedroom and check the rest of the apartment.

A Truly Strange Encounter
To begin with she went to the main door and checked it was locked, which it was. When she looked into the living room, she could see the television was now off, with her husband asleep in front of it in his chair. When she returned to the bedroom, she could see her daughter sleeping peacefully, as if nothing out of the ordinary had taken place.

Needless to say, KT herself couldn’t return to sleep for the rest of the night, her mind spinning with the disturbing events she had experienced. Indeed, she struggled to sleep properly for some time after the incident.

Even stranger, when UFO investigators examined the case, including speaking to neighbors in other apartments at the building where KT lived, they would pick up details that suggested KT might not be the only one being visited by this strange creature. Many of these residents, for example, had stated they had heard strange “clicks” as well as footsteps that either seemed to be in their respective apartments or one close in the days that followed KT’s encounter.

Stranger still, several of the residents claimed to have seen a bizarre object hovering near the apartment buildings, with “three rays” shining from it. While this object could merely be coincidental to the case, it is likely that it is very much connected to it.

A similar contact encounter occurred a little over a year later in 1992, and it is there where we will turn our attention next.

The Bizarre Encounter Of “S”
In October 1992 in the town of Krasnoufimsk, near Sverdlovsk, a witness referred to only as S went to bed at around 2 am. His wife had already been asleep several hours by the time he joined her. However, only two hours later, at a little after 4 am, he awoke suddenly, although he didn’t know why. He lay there for several minutes. He didn’t feel afraid or in danger, he had somehow just found himself awake, not even recalling waking up.

He remained where he was on the bed, noting how quiet the night was. That was until a loud noise appeared from overhead. When he turned to look out of the bedroom window, he could see a “flying white mass”. This bizarre light appeared to enter his room and stop right in front of him. Then, to his disbelief, a “three-dimensional image” of a young woman, approximately 25 years old appeared within the light.

The image was blurry and mostly the outline with few details. It also stopped at the young lady’s waist. The more he looked at the image, the more he realized it was slightly transparent, allowing him to see straight through it. She was dressed in a white, flowing garment, and perhaps because of this, it made the jet-black orbs she had for eyes stand it even more. The figure looked at him directly for several moments. When he looked into them, he would later state he could feel “some kind of evil and inanimate light”.

The next thing he realized, the woman reached forward and grabbed his wrist, pulling him toward her. Although he didn’t feel any particular fear, he “sensed something was wrong” and tried his best resist the woman’s pull. He couldn’t, however, do so, and found himself being yanked forward into the wall.

It was at this point that S cried out as loudly as he could.

As soon as his voice sounded the strange woman’s appearance changed right in front of him – now she appeared as exactly like his wife. This transformation sent his already scrambled mind into overdrive. He turned his head to see his wife still sleeping beside him, seemingly unaware of the nightmare that was unfolding in front of him. He reached out and grabbed his wife’s arm in order to pull himself away from this disturbing woman’s grip.

Then, without warning, the grip loosened and the woman disappeared. S then had the feeling of “waking” and indeed found himself laying on the bed.

“Something Strange Is Going On Here?”
Perhaps because of his cries, his wife woke moments after he had. Although he didn’t tell of the full events, he stated to her that “something strange” was going on. She assured him that he had most likely had a nightmare and that he should return back to bed. However, sleep was the last thing on his mind.

While his wife returned back to sleep, S paced around the room for several minutes trying to make sense of what had just happened. After a while, he returned to the bed and lay down. The strangeness, however, would continue.

He reached for a blanket that lay at the edge of the bed to pull over himself. However, try as he might, he couldn’t get it to move. In fact, not just that, he began to sense it was being pulled away from him. All the way through this, his wife remained peacefully asleep. S let the go of the blanket and left the room in order to have a cigarette. He returned to the room several minutes later and lay down once more. He reached for the blanket again, and to his shock, he managed to move it as he should have.

He still couldn’t fall asleep, though. Only a short time later, the strange events began again.

This time, a loud crashing noise came from the drawers beside the bed and the lamp on top of them appeared to move by itself. However, unlike before, the witness’s wife woke to see at least part of these strange events happening in their room. With that, though, the bizarre goings-on ceased as suddenly as they had begun.

A Sudden Deluge Of Information From The Universe
Perhaps one of the strangest contact cases from the Urals are those of a young woman named Nadezhda. In the late-1980s, she began automatic writing (when a spirit or other consciousness takes over a person and has them write their own thoughts and information). This taking over of her consciousness, though, also showed in many, bizarre ways. For example, she would also begin undertaking strange yoga-like exercises, even though she had never seen or been taught such exercises before.

She would also begin drawing fantastic pictures, despite never previously having had the ability to do so. What was particularly strange about these drawings is that they appeared to be of some kind of mythical, alien world, certainly nothing she had seen with her own eyes. She would produce over 50 of these fantastic images. Ultimately, after just under a year of these bizarre events, she received some kind of telepathic communication telling her that the entity taking over her body as an extraterrestrial being.

Eventually, after her case became known to UFO investigators, she agreed to undergo hypnotic regression in an attempt to see if she could unlock the identity of this apparent alien, and reveal further information. And the revelations were as intriguing as they were mind-blowing.

According to what she stated, this extraterrestrial, who claimed its name was Modoz, was from a planet they called Toya which was in, to us, the Orion star constellation. She revealed, through information given to her by this alien entity, that there were several civilizations that exist in the Orion constellation.

A Grey Area In A Grey Area
These revelations, as well as the pictures she had somehow produced that appeared to be detailed depictions of alien worlds, would divide opinion in the local UFO community.

One psychotherapist, for example, Dr. S A Grebnev, felt that while contact with the alien creature very well could have taken place, he didn’t believe the details revealed during the hypnosis sessions were reliable or authentic, not least as their appeared in to be “uncertainty” in many of the statements Nadezhda had given, as well as how they could often be vague and ambiguous.

That said, he couldn’t readily explain the sudden ability to draw the amazing pieces of artwork, and agreed they were of terrain she was almost certain to have seen herself, and clearly didn’t exist on Earth? Had these worlds come straight out of her imagination, or had some energy or another influenced her to produce them?

Ultimately, he would conclude that the automatic writing sessions and possibly the random telepathic messages she received – or simply recalled – during them, could very well be explained by some kind of mental contact with an extraterrestrial entity.

What is interesting, is that Grebnev was also involved in a very similar contact case that took place around two years later – one that involved a strange visitor from Orion.

A Bus Ride With “Non-Earthly” Creatures
One morning in early June 1990, in the town of Revda, pensioner, Mrs. A M Tokpeseva was at the bus stop on her way to the store. As she stood there, with the bus approaching, a “lot of small people and three adults” appeared out of nowhere and quickly got on the bus. Although she couldn’t explain it, she had this compulsion to get on the same bus immediately after they had. In fact, more than just a compulsion, she felt “some kind of force” was almost physically “pushing” her to do so.

As she followed, she noted that the three adults were one man, significantly taller, and two women. So tall was the man, in fact, that he had to bend his head forward to avoid hitting it on the roof of the bus. She continued looking around, noting that although she could hear the chatter of the other passengers, their speech sounded different somehow, almost like “an accelerated record” or like they were speaking in “high tones”. She suddenly had a feeling that these other passengers were “not earthly”, or even real, and that “their presence is created”.

Something was not quite right, of that she was certain. She recalled noticing an “electrified” feel to the atmosphere inside the vehicle. Even stranger, as she looked at the faces of the other passengers, they appeared as if “through a mesh”. She purchased a ticket, noting how the woman appeared to be not quite as she appeared, as if she were projecting her appearance for the elderly woman’s benefit.

As she held on to the handrail, she felt someone put their hand on her shoulder and things turned even stranger.

An Extraterrestrial Encounter, Or A Bizarre Daydream?
She turned around and found herself looking at a long, thin hand on her shoulder. As it moved away she could see a tall figure stood behind her, although she couldn’t see its face. It appeared as though there was something covering it that made appear “hazy”.

Then, strangely, she began speaking to the person telepathically. She asked why she couldn’t see its face. With that, the veil-like item obscuring it lifted. All Tokpeseva could recall was seeing a pair of female eyes looking at her.

There was then movement as the bus was approaching its stop. She turned her head to look towards the doors of the vehicle. Bizarrely, she could feel her head being pulled the other way, back towards the woman and the two other strange adults who had gotten on the bus at the same time as her. She noticed how they were dressed in strange silver overalls and appeared to have nothing on their feet. Even stranger, despite wearing no shoes, their feet appeared perfectly clean with no dirt whatsoever on them.

As the bus stopped, the three adults and the children they had entered with got off the bus. As the youngsters ran off eagerly, the three adults stopped and turned toward the window of the bus, looking directly at Mrs. Tokpeseva. She looked back as the bus began on its way.

The encounter is without a doubt one of the strangest and most bizarre on record. Just what had taken place that day? Had these strange “non-earthly” entities simply used the public transport system and she had somehow noticed their otherworldly presence? Or had she slipped into some bizarre daydream and imagined the whole thing?

Might Explanations Reside In Our Own Perspective?
The potential alien contact cases we have examined here represent only a very small number of the many that are on record – and we might remember that the cases we have examined here are all from the Ural region. We can only imagine how many similar occurrences might occur around the world. Or might it be that this ancient part of the world is more unique than many of us might imagine? And as much as we should undoubtedly take them with a certain pinch of salt, they are most certainly worth examining and keeping on the collective mental backburner.

What is also apparent from looking at these small number of apparent alien contact cases is that many of them are far from conclusive that are, in fact, alien contact cases. Many of them could very well have their origins in other fields of the paranormal. For example, many of the encounters could be explained as contact with beings from “the other side”, or from poltergeist-like activity.

If we return to the notion that the Ural region might be unique in some way, it might be that the case that these explanations, if only in part, might be found in multiple areas of the paranormal. And taking that a stage further, might we find that what we see as alien abduction does have its origins and roots in multiple different areas? Might what we understand as grey aliens, for example, could very well be the same that other perceive as demonic entities. We might find that the explanations to the UFO and alien question, as well as other areas of the unexplained, might very much be down to our own perspective.

The video below looks at some of the most intriguing alien encounters on record.

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