Is there really a Creator in the universe? It’s so close to us, but we can’t spot it?

In order to unravel the unsolved mysteries of the universe, human beings have introduced the concept of the Creator.

Humans once tried to use existing scientific knowledge to prove things unknown in nature.

But with the gradual accumulation of knowledge, human beings find that no matter how rich their knowledge reserves are, they cannot completely solve the mystery of the universe.

Hence the saying that the end of science is theology.

The great masters of physics, including Einstein and Newton, all entered the field of theology in the end.

Before the birth of Newton’s classical mechanics, people still mainly believed in theology.

Everyone believes that there must be a Creator God in this world.

However, when Newton’s classical mechanics was born, it completely overturned everyone’s understanding of the universe.

Newton could accurately calculate the position of any celestial body at any time with a simple formula.

Everyone never imagined that the world we live in can still calculate the future.

Therefore, Newton was completely pushed to the altar of science.

But in his later years, Newton also found that he could not use his own formula to thoroughly calculate the laws of the entire universe.

So it also enters into the realm of the Creator.

Human beings gradually realized that the sun is just an extremely small celestial body in the entire universe.

The universe was born in a big bang 13.8 billion years ago.

This gives us the illusion that the universe is a naturally formed region.

But this does not mean that the rumors of the Creator are invalid.

Although scientific theories can explain most of the mysteries of the universe, there are also many that cannot be explained at all.

Some physicists believe that there is a mysterious mathematical relationship ranging from flowers and trees in nature to interstellar celestial bodies in the universe, and this mysterious mathematical relationship can be called the cosmic code.

Every connection is ingenious.

Even if any one of the mathematical constants changed, it would not be able to form the world we see now.

And such a clever design must not have been formed naturally.

Scientists on the opposing side think this doesn’t fully explain the mysteries of the universe.

So they came up with the concept of a multiverse.

Of course, no matter whether it is the multiverse or the creator theory, they are just a hypothetical theory in the scientific community.

It has not been scientifically confirmed.

So on the basis of these hypothetical theories, some new physical theories were born.

String theory was officially proposed, and it seems that string theory can completely reveal the code of the universe.

The universe is very likely to be a four-dimensional space.

And they are very likely to exist in a higher dimension of life.

In this higher dimensional world, they can observe us, but humans in our three-dimensional world can never perceive their existence.

They can even affect things in our dimension.

So according to this statement, how can we, who are trapped in the three-dimensional world, fully understand the universe?

Can we use science to explain the laws of nature and whether the Creator really exists?

Just like Professor Yang Zhenning once said.

This world is full of mysteries.

Such a cleverly designed world is definitely not formed naturally.

It is quite possible that there really is a Creator.

It’s just that this Creator is not a living body like ghosts and gods with the shape of a human as we all imagine.

And it is very likely that it is a creature that has exceeded the scope of our cognition.

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