Three Fascinating Cases Of Time Travel: These People Say They Saw The Future And The Past

Three fascinating cases of time travel: these people say they saw the future and the past 1

 Time travel is a popular topic, and the idea that we can visit the past or the future continues to fascinate scientists as well as the public.

This time we will discuss some interesting cases of time travel.

As we have seen before, there are serious scientists like, for example, Dr. John Cramer, Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Washington, who thinks that we should think about time travel, but we should do it in baby steps. Dr. Cramer believes that it is possible   to send messages through time  and is working on this project.

We try to find ways to travel in time, but in doing so we are affecting a very important part of our physical Universe, called causation. If we want to travel in time, we must find a way to prevent causality from being violated,”   explained  astrophysicist Charles Liu.

However, as we have previously written about in our article  Two Amazing Cases of Men Who Say They Traveled Through Time  , there are those who even claim to have proof of time travel!

It doesn’t really matter if you believe in time travel or not, there will always be stories of people saying they are from a different era.

Whether or not we should believe them is up to each of us, but there’s no denying that these stories are interesting.

Air-Marshal Sir Victor Goddard visits the future

In his book  Time Travel: A New Perspective  , JH Brennan tells a curious story of a time slipping experience that befell Air-Marshal Sir Victor Goddard.

Brennan writes: “In 1935, while still a Wing Commander, he was sent to survey a disused airfield near Edinburgh at a place called Drem. He found it in a very dilapidated state with cattle grazing on the grass that had forced their way through cracks in the asphalt.

Later that day, he ran into trouble while flying his biplane in heavy rain and decided to fly back to Drem to get his bearings.

As he neared the airfield, the torrential rain abruptly turned into brilliant sunshine. When she looked down, she saw that the airfield had been completely renovated and was now in use. There were mechanics in blue overalls walking around and four yellow planes parked on the runway.

One of them was a model that, despite all his aviation experience, he could not recognize at all.

It was a very unnerving experience, not only because instant refurbishment was pretty much impossible, but also because mechanics were supposed to wear khaki and Air Force planes were painted a silver aluminum paint.

Four years later, Goddard solved the mystery. With the war now raging in Europe, he visited Drem again… to find it exactly as he had seen it in 1935, complete with blue-dungeon mechanics and yellow planes. He even found the plane he hadn’t been able to identify before: a Miles Magister. “

Had Goddard somehow flown four years into the future and then returned to his own time shortly after?

A highway to the past?

A notable case of time travel was published in Strange Magazine 2, Spring 1988. The article   “Time Traveler”  written by Ken Meaux is about a man who goes by the name LC (his real initials) who experienced one of the events most amazing of his life. , something he could never forget.

Meaux writes: “LC and a business partner, Charlie, (not his real name) had just finished lunch in the small southwestern Louisiana town of Abbeville. Still discussing their work, they began their journey north on Highway 167 toward the town of Lafayette Oil Center, about 15 miles away.

The date was October 20, 1969, and the time was around 1:30 p.m. It was one of those perfect fall days: clear blue skies and 60 degrees, the perfect conditions for traveling with the car windows rolled down.

The road had been mostly free of traffic until they saw what appeared to be an old tortoise-like car traveling very slowly some distance ahead. As they closed the distance between their vehicle and this relic of the past, their conversation turned from their insurance job to the old car in front of them. While the styling of the car indicated it was decades old, it appeared to be in showroom condition, drawing words of admiration from both LC and Charlie. Because the car was traveling very slowly, the two men decided to pass it, but before doing so, they slowed down to better appreciate the beauty and perfect condition of the vehicle. As they did so, LC noticed a very large bright orange license plate with the year “1940” clearly printed on it.

This was highly unusual and probably illegal unless provision had been made for the vintage car to be used in ceremonial parades.

As they slowly passed the car to their left, LC, who was in the passenger seat, noticed that the driver of the car was a young woman dressed in what appeared to be 1940’s vintage clothing. This was in 1969 and a young woman wearing a hat complete with a long colored feather and a fur coat was, to say the least, a bit unusual. A small child was standing in her seat next to her, possibly a little girl. The boy’s sex was difficult to determine, as he was also wearing a heavy coat and cap. The windows of her car were rolled up, a fact that puzzled LC because even though the temperature was cool, it was quite nice and a light sweater was enough to keep you comfortable. When they stopped by the car, His study turned alarmed as his attention was drawn to the animated expressions of fear and panic on the woman’s face. Driving past her at almost a snail’s pace (no traffic in either direction allowed this maneuver) they could see her looking frantically from side to side as if she was lost or in need of help. She appeared on the verge of tears.

Being on the passenger side, LC called out to her and asked if she needed any help. To this she nodded “yes”, all the while looking down (old cars were a bit higher than today’s low profile cars) with a very puzzled look at her vehicle. LC motioned for her to pull over and park on the side of the road. She had to repeat the request several times with hand signals and mouthing the words because her window was closed and she seemed to have difficulty hearing them. They saw her start to stop, so they continued to pass her to stop safely in front of her as well.

When they stopped on the shoulder of the road, LC and Charlie turned to look at the old car behind them. However, to his astonishment, there was no sign of the car. Remember, this was on an open road with no back roads nearby, no place to hide a car. It and its occupants had simply disappeared.

LC and Charlie looked back at the empty road. As they sat in the car, spellbound and bewildered, it became clear to them that the search would prove futile. Meanwhile, the driver of a vehicle that had been behind the old car pulled up behind them. He ran up to LC and Charlie and frantically demanded an explanation as to what had become of the car in front of him. His account was as follows.

He was driving north on Highway 167 when he saw, some distance away, a new car passing a very old car at a slow pace, so slow that they seemed almost to a stop. He saw the new car pull up on the shoulder and the old car start to do the same. He momentarily obstructed the new car and then suddenly disappeared.

All that was ahead of him was the new car on the shoulder of the road. Desperate to attach logic to this incredible sight, he immediately assumed an accident had occurred. In fact, there had been no accident, but something more disturbing, perhaps just as tragic, and certainly more mysterious.

After discussing what each had seen from their perspective, the three men walked around the area for an hour. The third man, who was from another state, insisted on reporting the incident to the police. He felt it was a “missing person” situation and that they had been witnesses. LC and Charlie refused to do so because they had no idea where the woman and child had gone along with the car.

They were long gone, but no policeman on this plane of existence had the power to find them. The third man eventually decided that without his cooperation he could not report this on his own for fear that his sanity would be called into question. He exchanged addresses and phone numbers with LC and Charlie. For years he kept in touch with them, calling them only to talk about his incident and to confirm again that he had seen what he had seen.

Points of great strangeness to ponder: what if she was from the past and moved forward in time, and is now an old lady still alive today, and what if that very day it had been her instead of LC and Charlie behind? the “old car”, that same now old woman would have found herself.

What if the Earth itself has a higher mindset and creates as a cosmic joke all these anomalies of life on its surface just for its amusement or some other esoteric reason?

What if, and this is the final and most depressing of the “what ifs”, she had come from the past, appeared in the future, and didn’t return to her past? 1940’s newspapers baffled by the disappearance of a mother and child on a cold October day, suspected to be foul play, the search continues, as she and the child continue to travel in and out of various time zones forever.” .

They saw a future air raid

The third strange case of time travel is mentioned in the book   The Little Giant Book of Eerie Thrills and Unspeakable Chills  written by Ron Edwards, CB Colby, John Macklin.

According to the authors “In 1932, newspaper reporter J.Bernard Hutton and photographer Joachim Brandt were assigned to report on the shipyard in Hamburg, Germany. They drove to the massive complex, interviewed various executives and workers, and completed the task by late afternoon.

As they were leaving, the two journalists heard the unmistakable hum of aircraft engines and looked up to see the sky filled with fighter jets. They then heard anti-aircraft batteries in the city open fire as bombs began to explode all around them.

Moments later, the area was a raging hell when the fuel tanks were hit. Warehouses were collapsing from high explosives and dock cranes were being turned into pretzels.

Hutton and Brandt realized that this was not a drill.

They ran to the car as the anti-aircraft gunners began firing on the bomber formation overhead. At the gate, Hutton asked a security guard if there was anything they could do to help, but was told to leave the area immediately.

Hutton and Brandt were confused when they arrived in Hamburg. The sky had darkened during the attack, but now it was clear and the city was serene. The busy streets were not cratered and the buildings were intact. No one seemed concerned as they went about their daily business.

Hutton and Brandt stopped the car and looked toward the shipyard. Now they got another scare because they saw no black ribbons of smoke rising into the sky and no damaged buildings. What was happening?

Back at the newspaper office, the images of Brandt were developed, and the two men received another surprise. Brandt had continued filming during the air raid, but the photographs of him showed nothing unusual. The shipyard looked as it did upon arrival that morning. There was no evidence that a hail of bombs from enemy aircraft had destroyed the area, as they had witnessed.

The editors studied the photographs and wondered why Hutton and Brandt insisted that they had been involved in an air raid. She dismissed his story, deciding that they had probably stopped at a tavern for a couple of drinks on the way back to the office.

Just before World War II began, Bernard Hutton moved to London. In 1943, he saw a newspaper story about a successful Royal Air Force squadron raid on the Hamburg shipyard. He felt a chill run down his spine as he studied the photos. The scene of destruction was exactly as it appeared during his visit to Brandt in the spring of 1932.

There was only one thing different: Hutton and Brandt had witnessed the event 11 years before it happened. “

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