URUSHDAUR: Sumerian ritual to usurp bodies

URUSHDAUR: Sumerian ritual to usurp bodies

URUSHDAUR: Sumerian ritual to usurp bodies

URUSHDAUR: Sumerian ritual to usurp bodies

The Anunnaki, Sumerian Gods, were cruel and jealous: they protected those who worshiped them publicly and privately, and they persecuted those who did not or worshiped another God.

Some of these Gods granted their followers strong magical powers, as a reward for their loyalty.

The Urushdaur, or the ability to shed the Soul from someone’s body to settle in its place, is among these powers bestowed by the Old Gods.

The Urushdaur Ritual (a word that means “Throwing the Soul through the Blood”), has come down to us in part thanks to some terracotta spheres extracted from the Eridu site, in present-day Iraq, which relate it in great detail. . However, such spheres are not available to the general public, for obvious security reasons.

Said spheres could not be adequately dated using the Carbon-14 procedure, but they would be prior to the Great Flood that we know as the Universal Flood. In Spain, there is at least one copy of them in a private collection in Valencia.

The Sumerians did not appreciate vanity very much, so its use to exchange an ugly body for a beautiful one was relatively rare, although political necessity or substantial financial offers could decide them to use it for this reason.

Princess Narfater, for example, had the deformed body she was born with changed as a girl for that of another, much prettier girl, who was stolen from her parents. In return, the Priests and Priestesses who did so received enough money to build a new temple, and the guarantee of playing a vital political role in the Kingdom.

In most cases, the Urushdaur was applied to achieve three basic objectives:

URUSHDAUR: Sumerian ritual to usurp bodies

The first, logically, was to cure physical illnesses, usurping the body of a healthy person. However, and since the Urushdaur is all the more ineffective the older the aspirant and donor are, it is unlikely that it was used by selfish elders to exchange old age for youth; but it is possible that it was used to exchange the body of a sick child or young person for a healthy one.

The second objective was to “turn around” a captured enemy: the dream of any spymaster is to introduce an agent into the body of a man of complete confidence of the enemy.

And the third was to usurp power, introducing the illegitimate aspirant into the body of the legitimate Prince or King. This is where legends like Excalibur come from, where the applicant must successfully perform a test that only someone with the mind and Spirit of the legitimate ruler can perform.

Not everyone could benefit from the Urushdaur. After paying what was required, the applicant entered the service of the Temple as a slave for a period of no less than 6 months, during which he was subjected to severe tests to determine if he had a “Transportable Spirit”, in addition to providing harsh services. , which included Sacred Prostitution.

In the event that the aspirant was considered fit, during the following year he underwent the so-called “immersion”, where he had to undergo a very harsh preparatory treatment lasting between one and four years, whose main purpose is to separate the Soul from the aspirant’s body and prepare it for insertion into another body.

This treatment includes complex physical and mental techniques, absolute obedience and surrender to the god incarnated in the Magician, and the offering of two human sacrifices, in addition to a series of financial sacrifices.

URUSHDAUR: Sumerian ritual to usurp bodies

The victim, then, had to be kidnapped or lured into going to the specific place where the final rite would take place.Under ideal conditions, this involuntary donor should be as young as possible, but not so young as to be unable to withstand the process.

The Sumerians believed that in the first years of life, the Spirit has not yet been completely “fixed” to the body and, therefore, it is easier to separate it. In any case, the Urushdaur did not work at all when the donor was over 21, if she was a woman, or over 14, if he was a man.

At the opposite extreme, if the victim was too young, they would die suffering the brutal mistreatment, true weeks-long torture, necessary to separate their Soul from their physical body. Thus, most of these unfortunate donors were boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 14.

These torments could last between one and four months, depending on the resistance of the donor to separate from his body. Finally, a long ritual was practiced where the soul of the victim was extracted and kept in a container, thus giving her body to the aspirant, who died in the process.

The aspirant’s body was buried secretly and anonymously, as “Not-Carrier-of-Soul”; the donor’s Soul was to be kept in a secret place, for if the container broke, his Soul would be released, returning in ghost form to claim his body.

Although things did not always go well. One of the Tablets reveals that the Urushdaur was successful “in 40 out of 60 small children, in 30 out of 60 older children, in 25 out of 60 adolescents, in 12 out of 60 young people, in 3 out of 60 mature people, and in 1 out of 60 elderly people”, without ceasing to lament that “20 out of 60 donors die due to the harshness of the preparatory ceremonies”.

These age differences obey the degree of fixation of the Soul to the body, which, also in the aspirant, is greater the older one is.

URUSHDAUR: Sumerian ritual to usurp bodies

And if it failed? Well, there were two options: start over, or become a Priest or Priestess for life, since the secrets of the Urushdaur could not remain in the hands of someone who failed and resentful.


I have found this topic by “chance” while looking for information about the Sumerian language, and it has interested me greatly, because during the last years I have been wondering if the Anunnaki are Humans, as Zecharia Sitchin believes, or Reptiles, as believe David Icke and Anton Parks, among others.

One day it occurred to me that, perhaps at some point, the Reptilians abducted some Human Anunnaki, to expel their Souls and usurp their bodies, a process that researcher Preston Nichols calls “Shove-In” or “Force-In”, to differentiate it. of that known as «Walk-In», where there is a prior agreement with the original owner of the body, so that he abandons it and voluntarily assigns it to its new user.

Now I find out that the same thing that Nichols calls “Shove-In” or “Force-In” was known in Sumer as Urushdaur, and if the Sumerian Priests practiced it, then the Aliens even more so. If the Anunnaki were Human, as Sitchin believes, then the Reptilians may have practiced the Urushdaur on some of them; and later, with terrestrial humans.

This could mean that the “Reptilian” Elite that currently governs the world, could not be Reptilian in a biological sense, but Soul and Astral Body, conserving these the appearance of the first biological body in which they incarnated in the Universe.For dessert, I leave you with a video of contactee Alex Collier (excerpt from his lecture  “Andromedan Perspective on Galactic History” ), where he expresses this same idea: that people who see other people suddenly change into a reptilian appearance, perhaps they are witnessing an astral phenomenon and not a physical one.Do the Illuminati Bloodlines perform the Urushdaur to make Reptilian Entities enter the body of their children? Alex Collier says he has received information that at least one of these families (The Rothschilds?) perform the “exchange” on their children, when they turn 3 years old.

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