UFO sightings were recorded on the night of the supermoon

UFO sightings were recorded on the night of the supermoon

UFO sightings were recorded on the night of the supermoon

The astronomical event last weekend, also called the “Blood Moon” was a sensation on social networks, with thousands of related photos and messages.

Let us remember that the satellite phenomenon in which a full moon is no more than 10 percent from its closest point to Earth in the course of its orbit is called a supermoon. In such cases, it usually appears larger and brighter than normal.

This phenomenon happens with a relative frequency, happening every 15, 16, 17 or 18 years; The last supermoon occurred on September 27, 2015, making it 14 percent larger than normal and also coinciding with a total lunar eclipse. The next one will take place in the year 2028 or 2029.

However, there was a strange link between the event and the appearance of unidentified flying objects. Luckily, some records could be achieved.

A sequence of photos taken in Brasilia (Brazil) shows an unidentified flying object next to the supermoon on Sunday afternoon (27). The images were taken at Engenho das Lajes, in the Federal District, starting at 6:00 p.m.

UFO sightings were recorded on the night of the supermoon

Luminous object next to the Supermoon photographed by a resident of Brasilia.

According to civil engineer Viviane Taham, the object was bright and was moving in different directions. “It appeared to the left, quickly rose diagonally, then dipped downward diagonally, and finally returned toward the Moon, then disappeared.”

There were 21 photos in total – taken by chance by her daughter, who wanted to capture the total lunar eclipse with her cell phone – the young woman was inside the vehicle with her father and two other people. Everyone was impressed with what they were seeing.

“My daughter called me at the moment and said: “I saw a UFO, I saw a UFO!”, and I told her no, “she saw a light, and we don’t know what it is. “I found her movement strange.”

“I don’t know if I believe in aliens or not. I had never thought about that possibility, I had never seen anything like it,” the engineer concluded.

The Brazilian Air Force was consulted if there was any official record in this regard, but no official data has been received so far.

In Campo Grande (Brazil), George Tamaras was the one who made one of the most impressive records.

The ball of light was white and shone brightly. The movement without a defined position of the UFO, she ruled out that it was a plane.

UFO sightings were recorded on the night of the supermoon

A witness from Buenos Aires (Argentina) also managed to film the astonishing astronomical event, being able to opportunely capture the precise moment when various unidentified objects appeared on the scene.

“Last night during the Lunar Eclipse, some objects were seen crossing and many people who followed the event on TV said they saw a shooting star. It is clear that it is neither a meteorite nor anything similar, but elongated fireballs, of the UFO cigar type.

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