Did dinosaurs exist on the red planet?

Did dinosaurs exist on the red planet?

Did dinosaurs exist on the red planet?

Some speculations of people related to conspiracy theories believe that   dinosaurs also existed on the planet Mars

In a series of photographs taken by the Curiosity robot, they have revealed what they could mean, important evidence of advanced biological life on Mars. The alleged skeleton of a dinosaur has been a major topic of controversy among many netizens and independent researchers.

It is not illogical to think or speculate about the possibility of  extraterrestrial life , similar to the one that developed on Earth, existed on Mars. There are many conspiracy theories, in relation to the origin of the dinosaurs, for many people the dinosaurs were a project of extraterrestrial genetic engineering, these beings would have used the dinosaurs as tools to extract natural resources from the planets.

Did dinosaurs exist on the red planet?

Mars has proven to be an extremely interesting planet, on its surface it has been proven that there are nuclear waste, bone remains and large buildings. Many experts say that Mars suffered some kind of nuclear catastrophe, due to the high radioactive levels of the planet. What then happened on Mars? Many experts claim that Mars once hosted complex life forms similar to those that once existed on Earth such as dinosaurs. But… the big question will always be: Was there intelligent life on Mars? Did they live with dinosaurs? Could they be responsible for the existence of dinosaurs on earth?

Did dinosaurs exist on the red planet?Mars  could have been our origin, the first home.

For many experts, life on earth was simply the consequence of a great catastrophe or nuclear war on Mars, the advanced beings who lived there would have welcomed our planet as their new home, finding in Egypt the most similar climatic habitat. to their home planet. For several researchers, this would explain exactly how the ancient Egyptians managed to build huge monuments and establish contact with these extraterrestrial entities on earth.

The declared dream of humanity, to set foot on Mars. But it turns out that they somehow betrayed us. Worse still, the case is millions of years ago. A new theory claims that the Chicxulub meteorite impact would have sent bits of life to the surface of our red neighbor.

Let’s start by specifying that the stone responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs is hidden under the barbaric name of Chicxulub. Of course, the hypothesis that an entire Raptor could have been sent to Mars is not absolutely rigorous. What scientists suggest is that the Chicxulub impact was severe enough to send chunks of rock from Earth into the solar system. Adrift, they would have failed on other planets.

This is not a new phenomenon, but the Chicxulub impact was one of the most powerful and capable of dislodging rocks 3 meters in diameter. It is precisely the size necessary to allow the transport of life through the vacuum of space. Of course, bacteria are prime candidates for such trips, but the researchers don’t rule out that viable DNA from dinosaurs could be transported this way.

It’s the prospect of this study that’s getting fun. As we desperately search the solar system for traces of alien life, in the end, we may very well come across… Our own ancestors.

The fossilized remains of a dinosaur with all its teeth would have been identified on Mars. This is the theory of enthusiasts who tirelessly examine NASA images of the red planet.

The fossilized head of a dinosaur, still with all its teeth, is believed to have recently been spotted on the surface of Mars. This is in any case the hypothesis put forward by enthusiasts who scrutinize with their eagle eyes the images of the red planet published by NASA…

However, this statement must be taken with a grain of salt today, when we know that there is no evidence, and that there is no basis for this discovery to lead to certainty. Much simpler than the fossil hypothesis, the dinosaur could be some kind of pareidolia, or more commonly known as the optical effect.

However, for the author of the discovery, there is no doubt that this dinosaur fossil shows that the surface of Mars once hosted a Jurassic era…

For now, we invite you to imagine the incredible possibility that dinosaurs were actually an experiment created by highly advanced extraterrestrial beings, originally from Mars.

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