The US military recovered a UFO that ‘distorted space-time’ and the craft capable of ‘altering our reality’ as mentioned in the strange Navy documents

The US military recovered a UFO that 'distorted space-time' and the craft capable of 'altering our reality' as mentioned in the strange Navy documents

The physicist Michio Kaku  proposes  the existence of other dimensions, also known as parallel universes, coexisting with our own reality. Within these dimensions, it is plausible that there are beings or entities living alongside us, despite our inability to perceive them. While the concept of alternate dimensions or universes may seem far-fetched to some, it is closely related to the subject of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), commonly known as UFO phenomena.

We live in a four-dimensional world (if time is included), but scientists propose that there are more dimensions. However, they do not believe that more than 11 dimensions can exist because conditions become unstable and particles naturally collapse into 10 or 11 dimensions. The 12th dimension, for example, introduces a second time.

“Our understanding of reality is far from complete,”  says  physicist Andrei Linde of Stanford University. “Reality exists independently of us.” If they exist, those universes are separate from ours, unreachable and undetectable by any direct measure (at least so far). And that makes some experts wonder if the search for a multiverse can be truly scientific.

In the realm of science, our quest to understand alternate or higher dimensions is ongoing. However, within the field of ufology, intriguing cases have emerged that suggest the existence not only of other dimensions, but also the presence of entities residing within them. These beings seem to possess the ability to manipulate a bridge connecting their realm to ours, allowing them to embark on regular visits to our world.

Crashed UFO that ‘distorted space and time’

A very strange UFO case has been shared by  American lawyer Daniel Sheehan  with Daily Mail. Sheehan, involved in bringing UFO whistleblowers to Congress, claimed that a whistleblower told him a mind-blowing story about a recovered crashed UFO. He revealed that a crashed UFO recovered by the US military had distorted space-time and was “bigger on the inside”. The whistleblower reportedly informed the staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee about the matter.
Project Blue Book Classified Version

Daniel P. Sheehan. Image Credit:

According to Sheehan, one of the alleged recoveries described by the source involved a 30-foot saucer partially embedded in the ground. When an attempt was made to remove it with a bulldozer, the ship displayed unusual behavior. As it was removed, it apparently broke off in a pie-slice-shaped section, suggesting it was constructed in a unique way.

The anonymous whistleblower then entered the craft and was shocked to discover that the interior was as big as a football stadium, while the exterior was only about 30 feet in diameter. The experience inside caused disorientation and nausea due to the large discrepancy in size. In addition, leaving the ship in a few minutes, the whistleblower discovered that they had spent four hours outside, which also indicates a time distortion.

Sheehan mentions that the space and time distortion of the ship is consistent with the theories proposed by physicists regarding advanced propulsion systems. These theories suggest that spacetime warping could be used to counteract the effects of gravity and achieve advanced forms of propulsion. However, Sheehan does not provide any more specific details, such as the location or date of the incident, and admits that he cannot provide any concrete evidence to back up these claims.

Also, on the  Jesse Michels Show  , astronomer and UFO researcher Jacques Vallee discussed another UFO case that includes experiencing another dimension by the witness. Valle said: “There was a case in San José. A woman had seen something about her house. It was a big record, and I say, ‘How big was it?’ And she says, ‘Well, it was about the same size as her house. It was, you know, just like that. So I say, ‘Well, when you walked in, you said, uh, you know, there was this being, and the being led you up a ladder.’ I say, ‘Where did the ladder go?’ Well, the ladder went up the side of this big round room. I say, ‘How would you compare?’ Well, like a movie theater, you know, like an M5 cinema. I told him, ‘That’s bigger than your house.’”

Luis Elizondo, the man who ran the UFO program inside the Pentagon, explains how space-time distortion works and suggests that we can manipulate this physics for technological advancement. In an interview with George Knapp in 2018, Elizondo explains:

“  Spacetime is something we observe in the natural world all the time, especially in relation to gravity and GPS satellites. The clocks on these satellites need constant calibration. Although the satellite clocks are identical to those on the ground station, they still require regular calibration. The reason for this is the effect of Earth’s gravity on space-time. Clocks on Earth run a bit slower compared to clocks on platforms on Earth.

How is this possible if the clocks are the same? Well, it’s because the closer you are to a massive object, like Earth, the more spacetime warps. This phenomenon is explained by the theory of general relativity, which is reduced to the use of the equation E=mc². Essentially, it means that a significant amount of mass or energy warps space-time. When you get closer to a supermassive object like the sun, the distortion becomes even greater. In fact, near a black hole, time is so distorted that it practically stops.

We have observed this phenomenon through gravitational lensing by studying distant galaxies. In fact, we can see the effects of gravity in space-time with our own eyes, so it’s scientific fact, not fiction. The question now is how we can manipulate this physics for technological advancement. Potentially, we could warp spacetime in a way that allows us to travel from point A to point B more quickly. 

Is it possible that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization has already achieved this kind of technology and has been using it to visit our world? Or maybe we already have such technology

In 2021, leaked documents revealed that the US Navy had conducted experiments with various implausible technologies, including a “space modification weapon.” These documents,  released by The War Zone  , detail research conducted by the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) between 2017 and 2019. Most interestingly, the technology written in those documents discusses the propulsion system that challenges gravity, or devastating weapons that bend the laws of physics and crafts that alter the fabric of time and space.

The man behind all the patents is  Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais  , an aerospace engineer in the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD). He has four patents filed in his name that contain the source of technology that would change the world. In these patents, he mentions a ”  Space-Time Modification Weapon” (SMW, a weapon that can make the hydrogen bomb look more like a firecracker, by comparison).
Dr. Salvatore Country

Dr. Salvatore Pais is a US Navy aerospace engineer and physicist. In 2019, patents were granted for his inventions on 3 highly advanced forms of technology.

Are these patents a cover for reverse-engineering alien technology? The Navy’s goal in testing this conceptual system was to keep pace with similar programs being developed in China. Researchers believed that the space modification weapon could revolutionize power and propulsion systems. The technology was based on the “Country effect” intended to push the boundaries of science.

Pais made ambitious claims about the potential of this technology, suggesting it could lead to a propulsion system that defies gravity or devastating weapons that bend the laws of physics. He even outlined plans for a “hybrid aerospace-submarine craft” capable of altering the fabric of time and space.

The Navy’s aerospace research company supported Pais’s patents, saying they filed them to keep up with similar technological advances being pursued by the Chinese military. The “space modification weapon” described in the documents was designed to release extremely high energy levels, surpassing the destructive power of a hydrogen bomb.

However, the experiments carried out between 2017 and 2019 were inconclusive. The elusive Pais effect was neither observed nor refuted during this period. The Pais effect refers to a concept in theoretical physics that involves the controlled movement of highly electrically charged matter. If proven possible, it could enable the creation of powerful energy fields capable of fundamentally engineering the fabric of reality.

It is not clear if the US Navy is continuing its experiments on the Country effect or if the project has been put on hold altogether. None of the futuristic technologies described in the leaked UFO patents were developed, leaving the ultimate fate of the space modification weapon and related concepts uncertain.

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