The phenomenon of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) has long been known in many parts of the world, from flying saucers to alien abductions. But one of the strangest things about this field is the story of a South African woman who claims not only to have traveled to another planet, but also to have a lover and give birth to a child on it.

Surprise meeting:

Elizabeth Klarer and the statue, painting of the alien Akon, according to her description.

Elizabeth Klarer was born on July 1, 1910 in South Africa. She studied music and meteorology in England. During World War II, she became a pilot in the Royal Air Force, and also worked for the South African Air Force intelligence agency, specializing in deciphering German secret transmissions.

After the war, in 1950, she happened to read a book about UFOs and then buried memories from her childhood came flooding back. When she was seven years old, she and her sister saw a bright silver disk flying over a field.

From childhood memories, Klarer became interested in the UFO phenomenon. After a series of strange sightings were reported in 1954, Klarer often went to a remote hill outside Johannesburg to find out, and she was confronted by a real spaceship.

The flying object landed, making strange noises, and Klarer saw people on it through the door of the flying saucer. Later, Klarer said, she began telepathic communication with an entity calling itself “Akon,” from the planet Meton, in the Alpha Centauri galaxy.

Klarer returns home haunted by what happened. She returned to the hill many times, hoping to see the ship and Akon again. It was not until 1956 that this opportunity came. This time, Akon confessed to Klarer and introduced his friends.

One is a botanist, the other an astrophysicist. After that, they invited her to get on a flying object that they said was a reconnaissance ship and flew to the giant mothership, shaped like a cigar, with a length of… 8km. On it are the city, the park, the trees, the flowers and even the lake.

Klarer met the inhabitants of the “city”, who looked like Earthlings, but “taller, more beautiful, very attentive and gentle”. Talking to them telepathically, she learned that they originated from Venus, settling in Meton long ago, when the environment on Venus was no longer habitable.

Interplanetary love affair:
After returning to Earth, Klarer continued to meet Akon several times, she felt attracted to this alien. During a date, Akon gives Klarer a silver ring to increase telepathic communication between them. Akon reveals that Klarer is in fact a reincarnated Venusian, his lover when the planet was still alive.

Their relationship continued and Klarer became pregnant with Akon. She decided to leave with her lover, it was 1958. Akon took her to the mother ship again, and then to the planet Meton. There, within four months, she gave birth to a son, named Ayling.

Klarer describes the planet in meticulous detail, including its government, education system, lifestyle, fauna and flora. According to her, Meton is an ideal society, with no war, no crime, no poverty, no monetary system, no tall buildings or factories, so there is no pollution.

Learning is done through telepathy, no textbooks, no school facilities. Medicine is a scientific activity and is not necessary for health, for they are all in perfect health. Everyone is hardworking, free and has a code of ethics.

Klarer wanted to be here forever, but Meton’s conditions proved too much for her physical condition. She explained that the “vibrations of the magnetic field” here are far from Earth’s, causing her heart rate to be weak.

After a tearful farewell to Akon, Klarer left his son behind and returned to Earth. Since then, she has occasionally met Akon and Ayling, who also regularly communicate telepathically.

Suspicion; doubt; skeptic:

The work is about Elizabeth Klarer’s interplanetary travel.

As Klarer’s story went viral, she became well known in the UFO community, being interviewed by some of the top researchers in the field. She was also the guest of honor at the 1975 International Conference of UFO Research Groups in Weibaden, bringing together scientists from 22 countries.

Of course, there is no shortage of people who are skeptical about this strange story. Because having children with extraterrestrials and having lived on another planet is only known to her.

There is no evidence of her being pregnant and no one has noted her unusually long absence during her supposed four-month interplanetary adventure.

The only evidence Klarer ever presented was the ring Akon had given her, which she did not allow anyone to check, and some photos that were supposed to be Akon’s flying saucer but to many people it seemed fake. .

However, Klarer’s narrative is tight, arguably not coming from a paranoid or psychopath. Many interviewers have tried to “trap” her to stumble or contradict herself, but without success. To this day, this is still considered one of the odd cases in UFO lore.
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