In 1897, a UFO crashed into the town of Aurora (USA), inside containing a person with a form “not from Earth”.

70 years ago, in 1947, the world was shocked with the incident of a UFO colliding with a weather balloon of the US Air Force, then falling down and exploding in the area near the town of Roswell, New State. Mexico.

Although the US government has publicly denied this fact, according to many UFO experts, Area 51 (Area 51) and the top secret Dulce military base (Dulce Base) are the two bases built. It was built for the purpose of studying UFOs and alien technology gathered from debris during the Roswell UFO crash that year.

Dulce Base (Dulce Base) near Roswell. Photo: roadtrippers.com

So far, after more than 70 years with many theories and endless speculations, while both Area 51, Dulce Base and the UFO crash at Roswell still have many unsolved knots, many people are talking about it. another UFO crash, no less famous than Roswell.

Fifty years before the UFO crash at Roswell, that is, 120 years ago in 1897, the UFO Aurora Incident crash caused public opinion at that time “bewildered”.

Aurora Incident: Unsolved 120-year UFO crash
On April 17, 1897, an Aurora resident, reporter SE Haydon had an article published in the Dallas Morning News. The article reported that a UFO fell and hit a windmill on Judge JS Proctor’s property.

An article in the Dallas Morning News, describing the UFO event in Aurora, Texas in 1897. Photo: Dallas Morning News

Photo: Ancient Code

UFO crashes into judge JS Proctor’s windmill. Illustration: roswellbooks.com

The pilot, who was killed in the crash, was later buried in Aurora Cemetery. According to locals, the pilot is “not like an Earthling”, even according to a military officer from the neighboring Fort Worth city, this person looks like a “Mars man”. .

According to reports, debris from the crash site was dumped into a nearby well, located below the damaged windmill, while others were buried with alien remains in the grave.
The story became even more mysterious, when someone on Brawley Oates bought the land from Judge Proctor around 1935. Oates cleared UFO debris from the well to use it as a water reserve. Shortly after, he developed severe arthritis, which he said was the result of drinking contaminated water from UFO debris dumped into the well. Therefore, Oates sealed the mouth of the well with a piece of concrete and built an outside house (the well is inside).

Excerpt from an article in the Dallas Morning News, April 19, 1897. Photo: Dallas Morning News

1. UFO Files

On December 2, 2005, the television series UFO Files aired its first episode related to the incident, titled [Roswell Incident] “Texas version”. The episode deals with a 1973 investigation by Bill Case, a journalist for the Dallas Times Herald and director of the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Texas branch.

Aurora Cemetery, believed to be a burial ground for aliens. Photo: alien-ufo-research.com

MUFON then conducted an investigation of Aurora Cemetery, and found a tombstone, on which a flying saucer was carved, and made measurements from metal detectors public. MUFON asked for permission to excavate this grave site, but was refused by the Cemetery Management Board.

Gravestone at a potential alien burial site, in Aurora Cemetery, Texas. Photo: Tui Snider

After MUFON’s investigation, the tombstone mysteriously disappeared, a 7.6 cm long pipe was plugged into it. MUFON’s metal detector no longer picks up traces of metal in the grave, so it’s possible that someone was secretly digging into metal fragments inside.
2. UFO Hunters

On November 19, 2008, the TV series UFO Hunters (a sequel to UFO files) aired its first episode titled “First Contact”.

This episode has a particularly notable new episode. Tim Oates, grandson of Brawley Oates, now the owner of the land where the sealed well is also where the UFO debris is hidden, has allowed investigators to open the well lid to look for other objects. debris left inside. The well water was sampled and tested, showing normal results except for the large aluminum metal content inside.

Not only that, the Aurora Cemetery has also been re-inspected.

Aurora Cemetery. Photo: muyhistoria.es

Although the Cemetery Management Board still refused to allow excavations, using ground-penetrating radar and photographs from previous visits, investigators found the remains in an unmarked grave, lying in the tomb area since the 1890s. However, the condition of the inside of the tomb was seriously damaged, so the radar scans did not clearly show the remains inside, so it was not possible to identify it after all. what.

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