Recently some people calling themselves “UFO Hunters” have made a shocking claim that an alien base on the Moon has been discovered. This raises concerns about NASA’s efforts to cover up life in space.

An anomalous object with a strange shape has been discovered on the surface of the Moon

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has been surveying the deserted lunar surface since 2009. During that time, NASA’s probe has proven its worth in identifying sites. science and ideal areas for future lunar missions. But now, some self-proclaimed UFO experts believe that NASA’s lunar orbiter has made its most significant discovery to date – evidence of a giant alien city on the surface. Moon. Represented by Scott Waring, he shared his speculations on the blog after searching Google’s Moon map. He said: “I found a strange structure more than 9 miles (15km) long near the Moon’s De Moraes Crater. Look at all the right angles of this object,

Nine-mile-long object seen on Google Moon

In addition, Mr. Warring continued to search for evidence through images of the Moon’s surface taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. This man continued to share: “Strangely this object does not exist in all photos. In later shots, it seems to have disappeared.” The alien life conspiracy theorist tests the image using two different filters provided by the Google Moon app. And the real mystery object seems to disappear through these thorough checks. For Waring, who has long expressed skepticism about NASA’s claims, it is further evidence of a cover-up by the US space agency. “The image taken from lunar orbit is the older of Google’s Moon images,” he said.

Waring went on to speculate that the ghostly lines in the image, almost created by stitching together photos, are actually evidence of a NASA conspiracy. He asked: “Why would NASA want us not to see this alien building? Well, they don’t want us to see a lot of things and the editing of some things in these photos. very easy”.

NASA aircraft simulated the view from the Moon module Eagle

The video quickly attracted many comments on YouTube. An account named George Mair commented: “Hi Scott, this could be a giant ventilation system for an underground city.” And another account, The UFO Experience, said: “I think it could be some kind of mobile drill”. Waring then zoomed in on the Moon’s surface to focus on its indistinct grainy detail. “You can see there’s a structure here and it looks like a cubic object,” he said. Mr. Waring tried to overcome suspicions about the unusual detail by brightening the photo.

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