Over the years, scientific, explorer and archeological researchers have been extremely passionate about Antarctica. Antarctica is not only an extremely cold glacier, but underneath the ice there are hidden secrets. From the information revealed, aliens have been experimenting on human genes below the Antarctic base.

Aliens once experimented on human genes below the Antarctic base. (Photo via ntdtv)

Entrance to the underground world
Because Antarctica is always covered with a thick layer of ice, the task of exploring Antarctica is extremely difficult. This also makes it full of mystery. So is the North Pole, of course.

In fact, there’s always been a rumor that Antarctica has an entrance to the underground world, and that it has a secret alien base underground. In 2019, an unnamed former SEAL who claimed to have participated in a secret mission in Antarctica in 2003 revealed that there was a top secret underground base in Antarctica.

The covert operation at the time was to protect a group of scientists from infiltrating a secret underground structure near Beardmore Glacier. Through detection technology, it was determined that this is an octagonal building, revealing only a small part, most of the rest of the work is buried deep under a thick layer of ice.
They first found the gate of this structure when digging 15 meters underground. There were some hieroglyphs on the gate that they had never seen before. The walls of this building are between 6 and 10 meters thick, and the walls and floors feel extremely smooth to the touch, similar to black basalt material.

The temperature in the room is extremely comfortable, about 20 to 22 degrees Celsius, in stark contrast to the extremely harsh weather outside, minus 40 degrees. The structure was actually discovered and documented as early as the 1950s and 1960s, he said, but people couldn’t figure out how to get inside. However, even if they did get in, they could only take samples and take pictures on this floor, but they couldn’t go deep into the ground, because they couldn’t find a way or a gate to the underground.

Underground Base
As the revealer said, this underground base can be inferred from the flatness of the walls, floors, and the hieroglyphs on the portal. It must have belonged to a very ancient civilization. If it weren’t for the ancient times, it wouldn’t have been sealed in so many layers of ice.

A very small part of this structure is now exposed by melting ice as the climate warms. In addition, he also revealed an amazing secret: One of the people on the science team is a hybrid of an alien and human race. This secret base sealed under the ice is not the work of human civilization but a base built on Earth by aliens.
Secret headquarters under the ice
About when and why this base was built. Another whistleblower who was also involved in this clandestine mission gave the answer. He arrived at this secret base at another time, and as he penetrated inside, deeper into the base, he saw an astonishing sight.

There he saw many corpses of a race of aliens and hybrids. He was told that these corpses were specimens of a human genetic experiment conducted by a race of aliens on Earth at the time.

This alien civilization is tens of thousands of years older than humans, and one of the purposes of building this base is to conduct genetic experiments on humans.

If everything this whistleblower says is true, then we have to re-examine Earth’s history. Perhaps in its long time, there have been many things that have arisen that people are not aware of.
Some time ago, Russia also revealed in a secret document that: An alien base has been found in Antarctica. This is a very modern building, which human civilization cannot reach.
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