Haim Eshed, Israel’s retired director of space security announced that Earth is collaborating with a Galactic Federation.

Former head of Israel’s space security program, Haim Eshed, has just revealed the biggest secret in human history, in which Eshed reveals that the Galactic Federation has been in contact with the US and Israeli governments but They have asked to keep their existence a secret.

Eshed is a former general who spent 29 years as head of Israel’s space security program and a professor at Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology. Therefore, he is more likely to hold more space secrets than anyone, especially someone talking about aliens on Youtube. However, before Eshed’s statement, many people were skeptical and thought that this was just a humorous satire.

This former space security chief insists deals have been made between aliens and the US. He suggested that these connections appeared because extraterrestrials wanted to study and understand “the fabric of the Universe”. This partnership includes a secret underground base on Mars, where humans and alien representatives have been working together.

Eshed made his statement in an interview with Yedioth Aharonoth, Israel’s largest circulation paid newspaper.

“There is an agreement between the US government and aliens. They have contracted us to do experiments here. They are also studying and trying to understand the whole structure of the universe and and wish we could help,” Eshed told Yedioth.

Eshed insists Mr. Trump knows about the existence of aliens. “The UFO squadrons have asked not to announce that they are here. Humanity is not ready yet. Mr. Trump almost revealed. But the aliens in the Galactic Federation said: Wait a minute, let it be. people calm down first. They don’t want to initiate mass hysteria. They want to make us ready and informed first.”

This connection doesn’t just come from worlds outside the Solar System, Eshed adds. “There is an underground base on Mars, which is where their representatives and our American astronauts are working together.”

According to Eshed, former President Donald Trump almost revealed the existence of aliens but was stopped by them. They don’t want to start a panic attack, they want us to be sober and informed in advance.

Eshed published the book “Out of Space: A Conversation with Professor Haim Eshed”. Other details in the book include how the aliens prevented the nuclear apocalypse and “When can we visit Men In Black?” However, no evidence has been provided to support Professor Eshed’s controversial claims.

Eshed added: “If I had said these things five years ago, I would have been hospitalized. People would say I was losing my mind. But right now, I have nothing to lose. I have nothing to lose. has received all kinds of degrees, awards and is highly respected in foreign universities, where the trend is gradually changing.”

In fact, Eshed retired in 2010 and probably lost access to top secret sources, so the whole thing he said was true, this fact has been kept secret for a few days. at least a decade.

However, Edshed did not provide any evidence for his claims.

In 1950, physicist Enrico Fermi once posed a question that would later become a famous paradox that bears his name, the “Fermi Paradox”: “If aliens existed, where would they be? ?”.

To date, many people have tried to find an answer to this question. Professor Loeb’s view that humanity lacks evidence of aliens is because we are still looking for them.

For a long time, scientists have been searching for aliens by transmitting a standard radio frequency, in the hope that every technological civilization in the universe will know and one day aliens will. get our signal.

However, this approach is based on thinking that extraterrestrial civilizations think like humans. Professor Loeb said that this approach is like when we make a phone call, the other party must also have a phone and answer the phone to receive information. But maybe the aliens don’t know that we’re trying to communicate with them via radio waves.

Professor Loeb also proposed another theory for the “Fermi Paradox” that aliens know of our existence, but they do not want to show themselves to humans: “Maybe they think we are not attractive. interesting, so they see no reason to visit us,” he said.

The third alien hypothesis is derived from the term “Great Filter” by economist Robin Hanson.

According to this hypothesis, as soon as a civilization reaches a level advanced enough to undertake interstellar travel, it destroys itself with war or an unintended negative consequence. of such advanced technology. Therefore, it is possible that extraterrestrial civilizations existed in the past, but are now extinct.

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