YouTuber MrMBB333 says he has discovered another Antarctic mystery thanks to Google Earth satellite images.

In a YouTube video uploaded on Wednesday (November 17), MrMBB333 shared with his half a million followers an object lying in the icy waters of Montagu Island, off the coast of Antarctica, in coordinates 58° 28’26” S 26° 14’09” W .

In the past, he claimed to have discovered an “entrance to another world” in the ice of a distant continent.

In this latest video, the white object he discovered has an almost rectangular shape, YouTuber said it is more than 200m long and appears to have notches on the side. He said: “To me, the top half of it looks like a cargo ship. You can see a cut through the center, separating the top half from the bottom half, the bottom half looks like it’s made of a single piece. other materials”.

Strange objects can be seen on Google Earth. Image: Google Earth

One user said: “It really looks like a cargo ship! Could it be an alien cargo ship?”

“Its shape looks like a container ship that sailed from Chile at least a few decades ago,” the second wrote.

Meanwhile, many others think it’s just an iceberg and that the notches can be formed naturally.

One viewer wrote: “Perhaps an iceberg has fallen on its side. The top has notches because it is dragging another layer of ice.”

Another argued: “Symmetry is so common in nature, it need not be man-made”.

Strange object discovered in Antarctica. Source: Youtube/MrMBB333

The video has garnered more than 35,000 views, 3,600 likes and hundreds of comments, many of whom agree with his theory.

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