Since when did humans begin to have the concept of aliens and extraterrestrial life? temporarily unknown, but humans have been more than half a century Since then, they have been searching for extraterrestrial life. Initially scientists only used the earth as a model and believed that the planets where life existed in the universe must be similar to the earth. This is why scientists focus on exploring terrestrial planets, especially some planets in the habitable zone of star systems. Scientists speculate that there could be life on Earth-like planets like Mars, which has been dubbed Earth’s “sister star”.

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Mars can be said to be one of the first extraterrestrial objects observed by humans. In the olden days when observation technology was still very backward, people still used the naked eye to classify the stars in the sky, and Mars was discovered by humans. Rocket technology flourished in the 1950s and 1960s, and humanity began to have the ability to explore space. In the early 1970s, the United States took the lead in the exploration of Mars, with the successful launch of the first Mars orbiter “Viking One”, the mystery of Mars was revealed to humans.

This year is the best time to explore Mars, and NASA will continue to launch Mars probes. Looking back at the history of Mars exploration half a century has passed, humans have never been able to confirm with 100% certainty the existence of life on Mars. But from time to time there will be news of suspected life being found on Mars.

NASA once launched the Viking Mars unmanned probe, which is an unmanned probe that specializes in discovering creatures on Mars. It is equipped with a biochemical laboratory box, measurement and excavation equipment, two TV cameras, a controller and a power supply. It made a “breakthrough” discovery in a barren valley in the northern hemisphere of Mars, and obtained evidence of the existence of “Mars civilization”.

From the image data returned by the Vikings, we can see an extremely clear plane, which looks like a flying saucer flying close to the ground, preparing to enter a cave. Not only that, from a human point of view, this cave is not a natural formation at all, and has obvious “marks of carved civilization”. With the release of these images, it was a blockbuster among alien enthusiasts worldwide at the time, sparking huge discussions.

After viewing these images, many people believe that there is a very developed alien civilization on Mars. The photos taken by the Viking drones are the biggest proof. As to whether this civilization originated from Mars or from other planets is still up for debate, but it can be confirmed that alien civilizations definitely come from some intelligent planet outside. space, and that cave is the base. Regarding this, NASA officials did not directly provide a reasonable explanation.

Humanity has never stopped exploring outer space, at present it is only because technological progress has not overcome the limitations of science and technology, and has not been able to conduct specific actual investigations. In the not too distant future, we may actually discover extraterrestrial planets and discover the alien civilization that humanity is looking for.

The universe is so vast and mysterious, human imagination cannot imagine, right on earth, the existence of Gods, Buddhas, ghosts, demons… is clear and obvious, yet science is still cannot be discovered, which proves that the scientific and technical level of humanity is still limited, so if there are aliens on Mars, it is not impossible.

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