The “weird flying object in the sky of Guizhou” case has caused shock at home and abroad, ranked in the list of 3 most prominent UFO cases in China. Due to the strange incident and detailed investigative data, this strange thing has high research value, like the UFO incident in Roseville in the United States and the UFO incident in the Landaushen forest in the United Kingdom.

(The case of “Strange Flying Object in the Sky of Guizhou” is listed in the list of 3 outstanding UFO cases in China.) 

At about 3:20 a.m. on November 30, 1994, in the northern suburbs of Guiyang City, a mysterious “wind vehicle” appeared in the air. It made a shrill sound like an old-fashioned steam train going uphill, moving slowly through the air, and then more than 400 acres of pine trees at Duxi Farm broke apart. Workers on duty saw two glowing fireballs spinning ahead in the air.

The picture shows the trunk of the tree has been cut down. Make sure the tree was destroyed on the same day, and there are no false reports and artificial tampering. After the unidentified object passed, in an area of ​​four bands about 3 km long and 150 to 300 meters wide, most of the tree trunks collapsed to the west. The thick trunks of one person in four 2 km long forest blocks are neatly arranged in the SFE. The strange thing is that not all trees are broken, many broken trees are still unharmed, but a few have uprooted, surrounding trees are bruised to varying degrees. Most of these broken trees are from 20cm to 30cm in diameter, about 20 meters in height, it is hard to imagine what force can cause such great damage.

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Not only large patches of trees were destroyed, strange things also happened in other places near the forest farm. The Guizhou Dulaying Railway Ministry Vehicle Factory, 5 km from Duxi Forest Farm, was also severely damaged. The fiberglass reinforced plastic tiles on the factory roof were sucked out, the brick walls of the factory were pulled down, and the steel pipe columns of the weighbridge were cut or crushed. Curved, the grocery store’s cement floor leaves mysterious claw marks. The 60-ton train carriage moves in the opposite direction about 20m along the track, the terrain is not downhill but slightly uphill, while there is no operator. These phenomena are difficult to explain with the current level of science.

On February 9, 1995, an unidentified object was found on the central radar of Guiyang airport, then, during the 10,000-meter-tall flight of a Centaline Airlines Boeing 737 from Guangzhou to Guangzhou. Guiyang, an unidentified flying object followed. Its shape changed from diamond to circle, color changed from yellow to red, about 1 km from the plane and finally disappeared 70 km northeast of Guiyang. Is there a connection between these two unknown incidents?

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After the incident of “strange flying vehicle” happened, many experts and scholars rushed to the scene to investigate and obtained a large amount of reliable observational data. On this matter, experts hold different views.

Subterranean Cyclone
The concept of “earth cyclone” or “subterranean cyclone” was put forward by Gao Dengyi and others, but some scholars later argued that this view was inconsistent with geographical features. Geography and topography, optical characteristics, acoustics and motion characteristics of Guiyang’s “strange flying vehicle”.

The felling of the pine trees at the scene was almost the same, showing a broken stump, mostly falling from the southwest to the northeast. If it is a tornado, its pull is particularly strong, requiring a large number of uprooted pine trees and falling trunks in all directions. So inexplicable due to tornadoes.

An investigation by the Guizhou Meteorological Bureau found no record of tornadoes in the northern suburbs of Guiyang that night, and no record of tornadoes in 70 years of meteorological observations in the province. Guizhou.

A tornado is a strong atmospheric subduction motion caused by thunderstorms. This subduction movement close to the ground can cause very large crosswinds to spread outward. After the wind radiation generated the tree will fall to the ground, the shape of the tree falling to the ground will radiate to the ground, which is not consistent with the actual situation.

2. Jet Propulsion Saucer

Ma Rui’an, a senior engineer with the Guizhou Academy of Sciences, believes that the appearance of UFOs that night was not a guess but a fact. It is a flying saucer similar to jet propulsion. Based on his previous experimental theory and on-site damage, he even calculated that the diameter of the flying saucer was about 200 meters.

However, some scholars disagree with this view, because jets launch a powerful jet downward to blow away the layer of pine needles on the ground. This is inconsistent with the basic fact that the layer of fallen leaves on the ground is not blown away.

3. Flying saucer 200 meters

Chen Yanchun, a doctor of aerodynamics, also went to the scene that day to investigate, he believes that a 200 meter flying saucer visited that night. However, there were many witnesses that night, none of whom saw such a huge flying saucer fly by.

Since the plane was illuminated by two clusters of lights, it was not difficult to see that there was a giant flying saucer 200 meters wide. Therefore, this point of view is also open to discussion.

4. Strange Extraterrestrial Flying Objects

Some scholars believe that from the analysis of geographical features, topography, optical characteristics, acoustic characteristics, and motion characteristics of the “Foreign Flying Object” incident, it can be seen that this is the impact. of a strange flying object.

This may be a flying object that is not too large but can change shape like the flying saucer that followed the Centaline airliner plane that flew from Guangzhou in 1995 above. Or is it similar to the flying saucer used in the 1980 British Landaushen UFO incident. At that time, the soldiers saw a triangular spaceship, about 2.7m wide and 2.4m high, with a very smooth surface.

This strange spacecraft could be an alien spacecraft. It has strange anti-gravity properties that human aircraft do not have, and it is very easy to fly at low altitudes and low speeds.

If a human plane flies at a low speed of 20 meters per second, it will crash the plane. If it’s a helicopter, its downward jet is very strong, and leaves falling on the ground will be blown away. Furthermore, the investigation found that no civil, military or meteorological aircraft passed over that area that night.

Although the “Strange Flying Device Over Guizhou” incident is bewildering and confusing, most people assume that it is caused by alien vehicles.

Shakyamuni preached that “The period of the great and the great, the outer and the small, the inner” can therefore understand that our universe is extremely vast and mysterious, human cannot imagine, moreover even in the space of the earth. We are living with countless mysteries that humans cannot explain. Cultivators believe that there is another dimension and another time, and that people themselves can see other dimensions and even fly… the book Zhuan Falun talks about these phenomena. So, if the incident in Guizhou is actually caused by alien flying saucers, it is also normal, not impossible.

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