Some argue that the white ball appearing in the video shot in Coquimbo is just light reflected on the glass door.

Floating mass of white light appears in Coquimbo, Chile.

A resident living in the city of Coquimbo, Chile, recorded an image of a ball of light appearing in the distance with his phone, Mirror on October 15 reported. The video was shot from the window of the 83-meter-high Cruz del Tercer Milenio monument.

The ball of light appears to be hovering above the city, even rushing towards the cameraman at times. The video attracted a lot of attention when shared on social networks. Many people believe that this is an alien visiting Earth. Meanwhile, some people think the ball is just light reflected on the window glass.

“Can’t say everything we see is a spaceship. We see a lot of strange things but 99% of them have a reasonable explanation such as satellites, meteorological phenomena or man-made products,” Marco Antonio Gomez , Chilean UFO researcher, said.

“If UFO is detected, stay calm and record until the end. Many videos cut off too early and can cause us to not find the cause,” Gomez added.

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