The story of the island has been passed down throughout Europe for centuries. It is said that the island is inhabited by saints or is a paradise where advanced civilization is located.

The island of Hy-Brasil has many different names.

Hy-Brasil is a mysterious island that appeared on the map from 1325 to the 1800s. In Irish legend, it is believed that it is covered by clouds and only visible on a single day every 7 years. once, but even if one could see it, it would be impossible to get there.

On most maps, the island is located 321km (about 200 miles) off the west coast of Ireland in the Arctic Ocean. One of the distinctive geographical features of Hy-Brasil on maps is that it often appears as a detour with a canal (or river) running from east to west.

Expeditions in search of Hy-Brasil
The island of Hy-Brasil has many different names, it may be Bracile or Illa de brasil. In 1436, a cartographer named Andrea Bianco drew it on a map as Sola de Brasil.

In history, there have been many expeditions to find this strange island. In 1480, John Jay Jr. from Bristol, UK made the 2-month trip to no avail. In 1481, two more ships, the Trinity and the George, set out from Bristol to search for Hy-Brasil but were still unsuccessful.

However, in 1497, a Spanish diplomat named Pedro de Ayala reported to the king of Spain that someone had found the island. Nearly two centuries later, a Scottish captain named John Nisbet claimed to have discovered Hy-Brasil while sailing from France to Ireland in 1674. It is rumored that he sent four crewmen ashore and they spent all day on the island.

The 1473 chart shows the island in a circular shape.

Also according to Captain John Nisbet, his sailors met a wise old man, who gave them gold and silver. More strangely, the island is also inhabited by a large black rabbit and a mysterious magician who lives alone in a stone castle. Following Nisbet’s story, another captain, Alexander Johnson, also claimed to have found Hy-Brasil, confirming what Nisbet discovered.

According to many people’s imagination, Hy-Brasil will look like this.

In the years that followed, efforts to find Hy-Brasil failed, and the island was gradually removed from the maps. The landmark last appeared on a map drawn in 1865, simply noted as the Brazilian Rock. In 1872, two residents, Robert O’Flaherty and T.J. Wetropp, claimed to have seen the island three times, bringing the whole family to see it with their own eyes. The island dissolved into nothingness right before these people’s eyes.

The Legend of Hy-Brasil
There are many legends and myths surrounding Hy-Brasil. Some of them say that the island is home to the gods of Irish legend. Others say it was a place where monks held ancient knowledge that allowed the construction of advanced civilizations to reside. There are also people who think that the famous voyage of St. Brendan’s search for the “Promised Land” is actually Hy-Brasil.

The binary encoding shows the coordinates of Hy-Brasil and some other landmarks.

During the famous UFO encounter, commonly known as the Rendlesham Forest incident, a strange ship is said to have landed outside an American military base and soldier JimPenniston claims to have got his hands on the ship. as well as receiving 16 pages of binary code by telepathy. The next day, he wrote the entire sequence of codes on paper and then the code sequence was translated. This sequence of codes lists in detail the coordinates of Hy-Brasil and the locations that the ancient cartographers drew on the map. It also mentions many other structures such as the pyramids of Giza and the Lines of Nazca. At the bottom of the code sequence, the Hy-Brasil coordinates are listed again with a base year of 8100.

The 1570 map of Europe, the island of Hy-Brasil, is shown in a different position (the leg of the horse Europa rides).

Although today there are no maps that recognize Hy-Brasil as a real place anymore, but around it there are still many mysteries that people will probably still have to debate for a long time.

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