After decades of being hidden, images of strange objects in the sky in Scotland have been shared publicly for the first time.

Around 9 pm on August 4, 1990, two people walking on a hillside near Calvine (Scotland) took pictures of a mysterious, diamond-shaped flying object in the sky. Also known as the “Calvine Photograph”, the image has been kept secret for a long time, creating various rumors and theories.

After 32 years, the image has been restored and shared publicly by Dr. David Clarke, British journalist, Associate Professor at Sheffield Hallam University. Craig Lindsay, a former Royal Air Force (RAF) press officer kept the last surviving copy of the photograph, before giving it to Clarke for restoration.

This image has been hidden for more than 30 years
This is considered the clearest picture of an unidentified flying object (UFO) that the public has ever seen. In the photo, a diamond-shaped object flies in the sky, in the distance is a fighter jet chasing the object.

The six photographs were brought by two pedestrians to Scotland’s Daily Record in 1990 for publication. However, instead of publishing, the newspaper handed the photos to the British Ministry of Defense to keep them until now.

The clearest image of a UFO has been restored and shared publicly after more than 30 years. (Photo: Sheffield Hallam University).

“The editor of the Daily Record at the time sent the images to Craig Lindsay, RAF’s press officer in Scotland. The print was transferred by him to the British Ministry of Defense in London, who then asked him to hand over the scroll. film negative. So he went back to the Daily Record, offered to send the film to London. The proposal was accepted, and then they disappeared,” Clarke said.

According to Clarke, the Calvine photo and related information were released at this time to mark the 32nd anniversary of the photo being taken. However, the British Ministry of Defense will not reveal the identities of the two people who took the photos before 2076 due to “privacy concerns”.

“Despite all public information, the identities of the two people who took the photos have never been revealed. The negative film has never been found since they arrived at the Ministry of Defense. Now, the Ministry of Defense says it has paid the film for the Daily Record, but the editorial office insists it never received the film, and it is not clear what happened to them,” Clarke shared.

There is no sign of interference in the photo
Former officer Lindsay shared with Clarke a bit of information about the two people taking the photo. Specifically, they work as chefs in a hotel in Pitlochry, in the Scottish Highlands. One summer evening, the two decided to go for a walk in the hills near Calvine.

While walking, the two discovered a giant diamond-shaped flying object, quietly moving in the sky. “They see this and get scared,” Clarke told Newsweek.

“They ran into the woods and lowered their heads, heard the fighter jet coming into the valley, two minutes later it backed up and flew around the object. That’s when they took the picture,” Clarke said.

The object hovered with low noise, observed for about 10 minutes with an estimated length of 31m. The two photographers said that the object shot up into the sky at high speed and then disappeared.

Currently, it is not possible to determine whether the object in the image is a UFO or not. Andrew Robinson, a lecturer in photography at Sheffield Hallam University, said the photo showed no signs of being edited.

“It’s possible this is an actual unidentified flying object, it could also be any manipulation or staging to make this thing appear in front of the camera lens, with no impact on the film when shooting, nor during the process. image processing and washing,” Hallam said.

After being delivered to Clarke, the photo is in the archives of Sheffield Hallam University. Despite claiming that this is the “best UFO image”, Clarke does not believe that the object in the image is an alien flying saucer.

“I don’t think that mysterious plane came from another galaxy. I believe they are man-made in some mysterious base, everything related to the object is very secret and sensitive,” Clarke said. said in an interview with DailyMail.

Top secret American project?
Clarke said the object in the image could be the Aurora, a top-secret reconnaissance plane that the US is rumored to have built in the 1980s. However, there is no actual evidence of the existence of the project, the US government. always denied.

“While there is no conclusive evidence that Aurora was ever built or taken off, numerous, unexplained sightings and incidents occurring in the US and UK have generated rumors about Aurora, including Calvine photo,” Clarke shared.

Former officer Craig Lindsay (left) hands over a copy of the photograph to Dr. David Clarke. (Photo: UAP Media UK).

The image was shared at the right time when US officials expressed special interest in UFOs. Stories and theories related to unidentified flying objects are exchanged more openly instead of a sensitive topic as before. The US Space Agency (NASA) has also planned to study UFOs.

According to The Sun, much of the theory about the Calvine Photo was put forward after Nick Pope, a former UFO investigator at the UK Ministry of Defense, said the image hung at the agency in the 1990s, then disappeared. no trace.

In his 1996 book Open Skies, Closed Minds, Pope said British officials asked the US if the object in the photo was an Aurora. US Air Force Secretary at the time, Donald Rice, is said to have been angered by the question. After a series of controversies, the photo was taken down and has since disappeared.

In February 1993, MP Lord Kennet asked before the House of Commons whether “American test aircraft” could enter the UK, but the British Ministry of Defense denied any information. MP Martin Redmond then asked about the Calvine Photo, and former UK Defense Secretary Nicholas Soames insisted there was “nothing to do with defense in the picture”.

Photo rendering of Aurora, the rumored top secret aircraft project of the US in the 1980s. (Photo: 19FortyFive).

“The Calvine photo is one of the biggest mysteries in UFO history,” said Dan Zetterstrom, representative of UAP Media UK, an organization that aggregates UFO images and documents.

Despite claiming “certainly someone on a military base in the UK or the US knows exactly what is in the photo”, Clarke did not rule out the possibility that the photo was a hoax.

“The purpose of sharing this story so that the photographer himself, or someone who knows them, knows about this case can approach and uncover the mystery,” the journalist said.

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