Observing the Martian rock surface, the StreetCap1 satellite device discovered a strange skeleton-like structure about 1.8m-2m long, suspected of aliens.

Recently, scientists were amazed when Youtube’s StreetCap1 satellite device suddenly explored a Martian rock surface, discovering a strange structure similar to a human bone suspected of aliens.

As observed, this structure is about 1.8m-2m long. The coincidence that makes scientists think this is an alien skeleton is: a long, convex head, a chest bone, a curved back, a straight hip, and a rather long deformed thigh bone and leg.

Strange structure suspected to be alien bones. Photo: ufosightingsdaily.

To this day, the true identity of the skeleton has not been determined, however, it is widely believed that it is the bone of an alien, left for a long time on the surface of Mars.

Not long ago, NASA’s probe also suddenly discovered a strangely shaped object resembling a femur on Mars. This bone has made many people think it is an alien bone.

Scientists said that the strange object image is most likely just eroded rock. At the same time, they also rejected the information that it was the bones of large creatures such as dinosaurs.

The image is believed to be an alien thigh bone. Photo: Metro

Regarding these findings, Mr. Nigel Watson – author of The Guide to UFO Investigation said that most images of suspected alien bones are quite blurry and difficult to see.

Up to now, scientists have not come to an official conclusion about whether or not life exists on Mars, as well as whether there are human skeletons on Mars.

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