NASA is accused of cutting live footage on the International Space Station when a spaceship caught the camera.

YouTube screenshot.

There are some claims that NASA is trying to hide the presence of aliens on Earth.

This statement sounds somewhat mythical and outrageous.

From start to 1:05: Live footage from the International Space Station ISS. The space station is on the left. The UFO object appears in the far right corner.

From 1:05 to end: The scene is interrupted.

From 1:05 minutes, NASA cut off the live broadcast from the International Space Station (ISS) when the control station seemed to notice its cameras were recording a mysterious object believed to be a human UFO. alien.

In the controversial video, the International Space Station is on the left, while a colorful, unidentified object appears at the top right.

The International Space Station is on the left, at the same time a colorful, unidentified object appears at the top right. YouTube photo

After about a minute or so (1:05 ​​to be exact), NASA cut the live footage, sparking a heated debate on social media when some users suggested that NASA did it to hide evidence. existence of UFOs in space.

However, not everyone agrees that the object captured by the ISS camera is actually an alien spacecraft.

There are some internet users who believe that what many people think is a UFO is actually a part of the ISS space station.

This is not the first time NASA has been accused of intentionally hiding evidence of UFOs in video recordings.

In July 2016, UFO hunters (nickname for those who specialize in finding UFOs) accused the space agency of doing the same thing when another object appeared directly in front of the ISS station.

The camera from the ISS space station was recording a UFO entering the Earth’s atmosphere when it suddenly went off. Is there an impact of NASA?. YouTube screenshot

Oddly, sometimes when the space station’s cameras capture an “alien” object in space, they appear to be “damaged or malfunctioning”.

This raises a theory, a conspiracy theory that the NASA Space Agency is trying very hard to hide evidence of the existence of alien spacecraft entering and leaving Earth’s atmosphere.

But, is it true that NASA is really hiding something out there?

In light of this incident, NASA issued a statement, saying:

“Not a single unidentified object in the common sense has ever been detected from the International Space Station.”

“Reflections from the station’s windows, the spacecraft structure itself, or light from Earth often show up as [strange] objects in photos and videos taken from the ISS.”

Senior astronaut Tom Jones also seems to agree with NASA on this issue:

“The astronauts have never seen any evidence of alien life.”

“Reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in images taken from space shuttles or space stations end up being ice crystals, debris floating in Earth’s orbit, lightning, or celestial objects. The jelly flies through the dark atmosphere below.

So far, our search for extraterrestrial life – and other civilizations in the universe – has not shown any evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations.”

However, contrary to Mr. Tom Jones’ claims, many other astronauts, senior military officials, as well as former NASA employees seem to disagree, saying that there is a lot of evidence about Alien presence on earth:

Astronaut Eugene Cernan was the commanding officer of Apollo 17 flight during the famous Apollo Moon landing program. He had a rather striking quote, which was quoted in the Los Angeles Times in 1973:

“…I was asked about the subject of UFOs and I answered publicly that I think they (UFOs) are other beings, from other civilizations.”

Astronaut Eugene Cernan, Apollo 17 flight commander during the famous Apollo Moon landing program. Photo: wikimedia

Gordon Cooper was one of the original seven astronauts on Project Mercury, America’s first manned space project.

He testified before the United Nations that:

“I believe these alien spacecraft and the astronauts on them have visited Earth from other planets… Most astronauts are very reluctant to discuss the subject of UFOs.”

Astronaut Gordon Cooper. Photo:

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