Harvard Scientists: Earth’s First Interstellar Visitor Confirmed! Do alien civilizations really exist?

Among the eight planets in the solar system, only the planet Earth has given birth to life, and the appearance of life has added a lot of color to the planet Earth, especially after the emergence of humans, which has solved many mysteries on Earth, and now humans have been able to get out The earth is exploring the universe, which shows that the speed of human technology development is still very fast. When human beings walk out of the earth and see the universe, human curiosity is attracted by the vastness of the universe. Humans want to know how big the universe is?

In addition to life on Earth, are there alien life in the universe? With these questions, human beings have embarked on the road of exploring the universe. In order to explore alien life, scientists have also made a lot of efforts. 45 years ago, scientists launched the Voyager 1 probe outside the solar system and launched this probe. The purpose is to make it fly out of the solar system and explore the mysteries outside the solar system.

However, after so many years, the Voyager 1 probe has not flown out of the solar system. Scientists have calculated that according to the flight speed of the Voyager 1 probe, it will take at least tens of thousands of years to completely fly out of the solar system. For human beings, tens of thousands of years is really too long. At present, human exploration of extraterrestrial life basically relies on astronomical telescopes to observe.

Recently, astronomers from Harvard University in the United States published in the latest issue of the journal “Astrophysics” mentioned that they have confirmed that the first interstellar visitor came from another star system. In our universe, there are many star systems, our solar system is just a very small star system in the universe.

The star system larger than the solar system is the Milky Way, and the larger than the Milky Way are the Local Group of Galaxies, the Virgo Supercluster, etc. At present, the diameter of the universe that humans can observe is about 93 billion light-years. This range is simply astronomical for humans. Numbers, and this is not the full extent of the universe, the universe may be bigger than we think, how big is the universe?

At present, scientists are still actively researching. In the universe, there are too many star systems like the solar system. Therefore, scientists generally believe that there are a large number of alien life in the universe. Scientists believe that the reason why the earth can give birth to life is mainly because Because the earth meets the three basic conditions for the birth of life.

These three basic conditions are suitable temperature, sufficient air and abundant water resources. Scientists believe that if other planets can also meet these three basic conditions, then other planets are very likely to give birth to life, although scientists currently say that Alien life has not yet been fully discovered, but scientists have received many mysterious signals from the universe.

In 2019, the Australian Observatory received a mysterious signal from Proxima Centauri. This mysterious wireless signal is a 982MHZ narrow-band signal, and the signal has a significant frequency shift. Scientists believe that the frequency shift of the signal is due to There are two kinds, one is sent from a planet near Proxima Centauri, and the other is sent by a spacecraft of an alien civilization, but scientists are still unable to determine what this signal is.

In addition to this signal, on August 16, 1977, Jerry R Ehman received a narrow-band infinite electric signal with a radio telescope at Hungry State University. This signal was deciphered by scientists after a lot of hard work. However, the scientists deciphered the word Wow, and later scientists called this signal the wow signal.

There is also a mysterious signal. In 2015, the deep space radio telescope set up by the United States in Australia intercepted a mysterious repeating signal. Scientists speculated that the signal was located 50,000 light-years away from the earth based on the decay curve of the signal. After many deciphering, scientists finally deciphered the content of this signal, but this content made scientists very puzzled, the content was: “Please direct us to the fourth universe, where an explosion occurred, the situation is very dangerous, the location in 12 galaxies”.

Through the content of this deciphering, we should be able to judge that this mysterious signal is a distress signal, but what makes scientists puzzled is what does the fourth universe mean, and what does the 12th galaxy mean? Could it be that our Is there more than one universe? Scientists are also actively researching.

The mysterious visitor discovered by American scientists this time is a meteor numbered CNEOS2014-01-08 that broke into the earth’s atmosphere in 2014. It comes from another star system. This meteor is the first known interstellar visitor to the earth so far. , according to monitoring data from some sensors installed by the United States around the world, some fragments of the meteor may have not completely burned up when they passed through the earth’s atmosphere.

Then it may fall into the sea, and these debris may contain key materials for the existence of alien life, and scientists are currently actively studying.

Many scientists believe that there must be alien life more advanced than human civilization in the universe. Our universe was born 13.8 billion years ago, and the earth was born 4.6 billion years ago. Scientists believe that 1 billion years after the Big Bang , the celestial bodies in the universe began to be born, which means that the earth is not the first planet born in the universe. If there is life on the first planets born in the universe, then after hundreds of millions or billions of years of development, they It has long since developed into an advanced civilization.

Scientists divide the level of civilization into four levels. At present, human civilization is less than a first-level civilization, and can only be regarded as a 0.7-level civilization. An alien civilization can travel through the vast universe to the solar system, and its civilization level has reached at least a third-level civilization.

Scientists believe that the first-level civilization is able to use all the resources on the planet, the second-level civilization is able to use all the resources of the star system, the third-level civilization is able to use all the resources in the galaxy, and the fourth-level civilization is able to use all the resources in the universe. Resources, if you look at it according to this statement, it is not difficult for alien civilizations to come to the solar system, so why don’t they come to Earth?

Scientists believe that for advanced civilizations, the resources on the earth are not worth mentioning at all, and even the entire solar system is not worth mentioning for them. Maybe they are now able to use the energy of black holes, so they do not need to come to the earth at all, At present, human beings are actively looking for alien civilizations, but due to the limited technology of human beings, human beings cannot even fly out of the solar system, let alone explore alien civilizations. However, the alien meteor discovered this time makes scientists full of doubts, what exactly is it? Into the solar system? Does it have something to do with alien civilizations? At present, scientists are also actively researching. With the advancement of human technology in the future, maybe human beings can solve this mystery. Do you have anything to say about this?

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