Does Proxima Centauri really have aliens? A mysterious signal is sent to the earth, a non-human jamming signal

In 2021, Proxima Centauri sent an extremely mysterious signal to our Earth.

Because this signal has also attracted widespread attention from scientists, is this signal sent to us by aliens, or is it interference around our earth?

Let’s find out together.

December 2021. Astronomers have observed a mysterious signal from Proxima Centauri, a 982 MHz 2G signal, at the Australian radio telescope.

Our human planes and satellites rarely transmit over the narrow 982 megahertz wave.

Therefore, scientists boldly speculate that this signal is likely to be the information sent by the alien life form at Proxima Centauri, rather than the result of our human interference.

In fact, the most common cosmic signal we humans receive is the cosmic background radiation.

Let me give you a simple example, and you may suddenly realize it.

Do you still remember that when we were listening to the radio or watching TV when we were young, we would often tune the radio to some channels with no signal, and we would hear some strange noises at this time?

And these noises with no signal are the cosmic background radiation.

The cosmic background radiation was formed at the very beginning of the Big Bang.

But it will continue to lengthen the band with the effects of cosmic expansion.

FRBs are also a type of radiation we often perceive.

But both cosmic background radiation and high-energy fast radio bursts are the physical knowledge that our modern science has mastered.

So we humans are not panic about these radiations.

But this time, the signal from Proxima Centauri puzzled scientists.

Because the 982 MHz band is actually a narrow band, our human satellites and aircraft rarely emit this signal.

However, when scientists doubted whether it was the result of human interference, they found that there were no planes and satellites passing by during the period of observation.

How can this be explained?

And the time to release the signal is up to five hours.

From another point of view, the position of this signal is fixed, and the strength of the signal is also very weak.

Definitely not a probe signal, but most likely some kind of communication.

That’s why scientists are worried that it is very likely that alien intelligent life really exists in Proxima Centauri, which is 4.22 light-years away from us.

When it comes to Proxima Centauri, we are no strangers to it, and we have also mentioned it in the previous topic.

Among them, Proxima b is a planet very close to our earth’s environment, and it is also a rocky planet.

And the surface is likely to be full of atmosphere and rich in liquid water resources, so it is very likely that life could be born.

When the signal was first discovered, scientists also ruled out the hypothesis of human interference.

Because within five hours of observing this signal, scientists have received more than 4 million radio signals.

But this signal alone caught the attention of scientists.

Its wavelength is special, and its duration is also very long.

So the team quickly ruled out interference from planes or satellites.

But astronomers from the University of California, Berkeley, have a different view.

They think the signal is likely to be man-made radio interference from a fixed location not far from Earth.

The reason why the signal did not reappear in later observations is because of a coincidental encounter during these five hours of observations.

Is it a coincidental encounter of Earth’s signals, or is it a message sent to us by the people of Proxima Centauri?

Maybe we just have to wait until this signal comes up again.

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