Aliens have already come to earth? Researchers discover 716 mysterious discs in cave, decipher text

There are stories about discs in many places around the world, including the origin of some discs and the purpose of making them and the history of the time when the paintings are on them.

In some sci-fi legends, some of the disks left behind are related to the sun.

Some are related to the wormholes we mentioned before.

In some places, people think that these discs are like wormholes, which can be used to transmit objects and realize long-distance time travel, while others think that these discs are a bridge to communicate with God.

One can pray some wishes to the gods with the help of these discs.

In a mountainous area in western China, such an incredible thing also happened.

The time goes back to 1938.

In a valley in western China, several people are trekking with difficulty.

They are a research team composed of archaeologists from Peking University.

When they walked to this mountainous area, they found a cave that was suspected to be man-made.

After entering the cave, skeletons of different sizes can be seen everywhere.

The text and drawings on the frescoes also seem to be clearly visible.

And the history of the evolution of the solar system described in the murals can also be clearly seen.

However, what shocked the archaeologists was that they found hundreds of mysterious discs in the cave.

Finally, they counted the number, and there were a total of 716 mysterious discs.

So what are these discs used for?

What was the purpose of the people who built the disc at that time?

These discs were later called the Duliba Stone Discs, and there was a small hole in the middle of the disc.

According to the measurement, the diameter of this small hole is about 2.5cm.

Moreover, there is a groove on the disc, and a large amount of text is densely written in the groove.

By measuring the bones on the ground, archaeologists speculate that the disks should have appeared around 1000 BC.

But what exactly are these discs built for?

Archaeologists have not given a definite answer.

Until one of the archaeologists claimed to have deciphered the texts. This makes people feel incredible.

These texts are very small, and a magnifying glass is necessary to see what is written in them.

They carefully arranged these small pictographs into a drawing, and finally, by deciphering these words, they found that the story of a Duripa was told on the ancient disk.

These people are tiny creatures from alien planets.

In the process of interstellar travel, they had to make an emergency landing on the third planet of the solar system due to an unexpected situation.

And the final landing location is the valley they chose.

Since there is no way to repair their spaceship in a short time, they can only stay here.

Once the news was released, it immediately caused a heated discussion in the archaeological community.

Of course, if we look at this report according to our existing scientific knowledge, we naturally cannot believe their description.

Most people think that the story they deciphered may be just a science fiction story described by the human who built the disk at that time, and it is not representative, and it is even less likely to be the personal experience of the disk builder at that time.

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