People now believe the Earth is shaped like a donut, replacing flat-Earthers

The shape of the Earth has been the subject of debate since antiquity.

Since then, individuals who believe they have discovered the answer to this apparent mystery have been embroiled in a heated dispute. There is no lack of disagreements between those who believe that the planet is flat and those who believe that it is round. However, it seems that a growing number of proponents of the hypothesis that the Earth is in fact donut-shaped have been added to this discussion.

Where did the Donut Earth concept come from?

The explanation of our planet’s existence as a flat surface is quite old; however, science has now clarified the true shape of our globe which is the geoid. Recently, however, these disagreements have been added to the notion that the globe is a toroid. But where did this technique come from?

The hypothesis that the Earth is shaped like a donut.

Before a few years ago, the notion of donut-Earth seems to have originated as a hoax on the Flat Earth Society website. The concept that the Earth could be shaped like a toroid rather than a geoid was introduced online in 2008. And while it initially seemed like a joke, it gradually gained more adherents, even though it seemed like a rather implausible notion. .

Since that time, the Internet has been flooded with videos explaining why the Earth is a toroid, so the concept has spread among those ready to listen. Currently, a large community supports this hypothesis with their own reasons to allay any lingering concerns.

A void rendered invisible by the bending of light.

User Varaug is a founding member of the site that supports donated Earth. In several instances he has been asked about physical ideas that don’t quite fit the toroid shape.

For example, you were asked why the center hole in the donut was never discovered. His answer is straightforward: “the light bends and follows the curve of the toroid (donut), making the hole ‘invisible’”.

In addition, he was asked about the dynamics of day and night. Since abandoning the Earth’s geoid concept completely changes the perception of light and dark. Varaug replied, “He places and lights a torch horizontally on a table.” Now he takes a donut and sets it aside, with the hole perpendicular to the torch. “The side that the flame illuminates is daytime,” explains Varaug.

Varaug stated that gravity will behave the same as in the RE (Round Earth) model. “Gravity behaves like a model, and huge masses attract individuals. Imagine a jelly donut. Gravity acts on congestion, explains Varaug.

In fact, Earth images have demonstrated on several occasions that the world is indeed geoid. It is also not round, as it looks more like a tangerine than a ball, but it is not a donut.

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