Giant ‘Atomic Bomb’ cloud scares residents in Argentina

Residents of Pico Truncado, a small town in Argentina, were terrified by a giant   cloud covering  several kilometers that covered the sky over the entire city.

Many people thought that the  phenomenon  resembled the explosion of an  atomic bomb , which is why the cloud gained the nickname of bomb cloud.

The case took place on December 27, 2020, but only now have the images begun to spread across the internet.

Not knowing for sure what the  strange phenomenon was , the residents ended up creating several  bizarre theories  about what the cloud would be, and of course many of these  conspiracy theories  spread around the world.

But what is this  strange cloud  that looks like a nuclear bomb anyway?

According to experts, these formations are called  roller clouds , or  Volutus clouds . They are defined as a long cloud mass, usually low, isolated and tubular.
Uruguay Volutus Cloud

Clouds of this type are formed by storms with winds that change speed or direction during a natural phenomenon that scientists call “inversion”, when the air temperature changes and leaves warm air on top of a layer of cold air.

Volutus clouds  are not very common, but they are not exactly rare either, and have been sighted in several countries such as Australia, Russia and the United States.

In Uruguay, a similar phenomenon occurred in 2019 and also intrigued residents. But by now you know that this is just a  relatively rare natural phenomenon  .

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