Diver finds giant skeleton at the bottom of the sea and intrigues scientists

Giant skeleton found in the depths of the ocean intrigues researchers

The diver was controlling the remotely operated vehicle when he spotted the long skeleton while surveying the sea floor of the Mediterranean Sea. No one has been able to identify him.

A giant skeleton found by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) in the depths of the ocean has intrigued researchers since its discovery in 2017.

The underwater robot was at a depth of 830 meters when it spotted the large set of bones, including an apparently intact spinal column measuring 30 meters in length.

“The dimensions of the skeleton in the video do not fit the usual size for any marine life in the area. I checked live marine mammals and got within 100 feet.

I took a look at the usual suspects: whales, oarfish and sea snakes,” researcher Deborah Hatswell told the British tabloid Daily Star.

“A whale has three blades in its spinal bones, each 120 degrees apart and this creature appears to only have two,” he added.

She posted a video on her YouTube channel showing the giant skeleton. Watch:

“The bone can be very old. I saw a lot of clay amphorae coming out of the mud and they’ve been there potentially for a thousand years,” said the diver who operated the ROV.

One possibility raised by researchers would be a skeleton of a Regalecidae, an animal from the family of fish in the Lampriformes order.

An unknown ‘sea dragon’ or even a Tylosaurus – a mosasaurid marine reptile of the squamate order that lived during the upper Cretaceous period – are other hypotheses.

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