Clifford Stone: The Story (Part I)

( Clifford Stone: The Story (Part I). I’m Clifford Stone. For most of my life, I have been involved with UFOs, although at first, I didn’t know what I was really involved with. As I went through my childhood and adolescence, strange events occurred. Eventually, I joined the military and found that even in the military, these events would follow me.

In order to try to get the answers to some of the events in my life, I have collected a large volume of information on the UFO phenomenon. The story I have to tell is different from many you hear, but it’s my story and I’m going to be honest with you. I can’t tell who is right and who is wrong in the field. I would like to see everyone involved with UFOs start to have a vision, and that vision finally bring the truth to the American public. That would mean that all UFO investigators would have to put aside their differences, not have their own agendas or their own concept of what the truth is, but seek the truth that can be documented and has solid evidence.

Throughout the years of UFO investigation as officially conducted by the United States government, it was stipulated that there was only one agency involved in those investigations. This was the US Air Force. Actually, at first, it was the US Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) that handled UFO investigations. It began as an official program as a result of the Kenneth Arnold sighting on June 24, 1947. The CIC would participate in most investigations and would remain so until the Air Force became a separate entity in 1947 as a result of the Air Force Act. National security. Law, which entered into force on September 17 of that year.

On September 23, the Army Air Corps became the United States Air Force. Those CIC agents who went over to the US Air Force and entered the OSI immediately took over the UFO investigation. With the large number of UFO reports coming into the US Air Force, it was seen as necessary to have a clearinghouse to receive UFO reports and make some argument that they were receiving official notice. The Air Force then established what was called Project Sign.

Project Sign was born on January 22, 1948. The press referred to it as Project Saucers. In February 1949, a report on the findings of Project Sign was published stipulating that all UFOs could be explained by hoaxes, illusions, or misidentifications of known objects or aircraft observed under unusual conditions. The Air Force published this report knowing full well that it was incorrect.

This did not stop the influx of reports reaching the US Air Force about UFOs.

Obtaining all these reports, they were finally forced to acknowledge that Project Sign did not die as reported in February 1949, but rather continued. The name had been changed due to the Project Sign compromise. They renamed it Project Grudge. It would remain Project Grudge until 1952, at which time it was identified as Project Blue Book. It would continue as Project Blue Book until its demise in December 1969, at which time the US government declared that it would no longer investigate UFO reports. However, this was not to be the end.

What was unknown to the American public was that behind the scenes there was a much larger UFO investigation, dealing with more reliable sightings: the military sightings, the sightings reported by astronomers and scientists. These also had a code name. I don’t know what it was during the time we had UFO investigations, starting with the Foo Fighters in World War II when we got interested; but it was then that we officially became involved in the so-called modern era of the UFO phenomenon. [ “Foo Fighters” refers to the large glowing orbs that American, British, German, and French fighter pilots reported seeing in the sky during World War II––Ed. ]

The Foo Fighters that were being seen by our pilots and the Axis Powers pilots, alike, were a real thing. Something that showed intelligent control, that took evasive action. There was a great desire to know more. The United States Army, under the auspices of General McArthur, created what became known as the United States Army Interplanetary Phenomena Research Unit. In 1943, McArthur was able to determine, thanks to his people from his CIC, that there were definitely interplanetary ships visiting our planet; that they were observing the World Event that we called, at that time, the Second World War; and that if they turned out to be hostile, we would be in a big dilemma.

This fact that I just told you has never been made public to the American people. They know about the Interplanetary Phenomena Research Unit, but they don’t really know when it started. We also know from the release of FBI documents that Blue Book was never in charge of anything. Very quietly, behind the scenes, from 1947 to January 1953, the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), those elite people who came from the CIC of the Army who were doing the initial investigations, were the ones who were monitoring the UFO situation at the Base. of the Wright Patterson Air Force. Blue Book would get watered down reports, particularly the really good reports that did come in.

In January 1953 a unique event took place. The United States Air Force created an elite unit. This unit would become known as the 4602nd Air Intelligence Service Squad (AISS). General Burgess suggested to Captain Ruppelt that since they had a very unique unit that was specifically designed to go out and do field investigations, if this unit was allowed to do UFO investigations we would eventually find some money.

Interestingly, Ruppelt, in his 1956 book The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, alludes to his being the one who suggested to Burgess that this happen. The Blue Book files dealing with the ISSA files clearly show that it was Burgess who made this proposal to Ruppelt. The 4602 had a wartime mission, which was the field exploitation of downed enemy aircraft and personnel, and the exploitation of enemy documents. She didn’t have a peacetime mission.

To be clear, in its conception, the ISSA had a peacetime mission. It was to do the Unidentified Flying Object field investigations and interact with the investigations of military personnel and personnel who were considered highly trained observers, such as astronomers, who knew what they were talking about in terms of giving accurate data on the observations. they do. They also created a new program called Operation Blue Fly, unknown to Project Blue Book. Every UFO report that enters the Air Materiel Command, later to be called the Air Tactical Intelligence Center, first went through a clearinghouse.

Operation Blue Fly was now fully operational. The intent of Operation Blue Fly was the immediate field exploitation and recovery of any enemy or suspected enemy aircraft that went down in the continental United States or friendly overseas territories, as well as the full exploitation and recovery of advanced technology. This included the recovery and field exploitation of those items, which we call unidentified flying objects or objects of unknown origin.

This would continue long after the end of Project Blue Book, which ended, as I said before, in 1969.

In 1987, the Air Force acknowledged that Operation Blue Fly had changed its name. The Moondust Project, which was the general exploitation of the field, also changed its name.

When we finally got Congress to ask about these two specific bills, I appealed them, which means that, by law, classified documentation had to go through the gauntlet of appeal action. This meant that they were not to be destroyed or removed. But, as soon as Congress asked the hard questions about these files in regards to UFOs, the Air Force declared that all of its documentation on these particular operations, Operation Blue Fly and Project Moondust, had been destroyed.

Intent to destroy these documents, and now I charge the Air Force with this, and the small core within the intelligence community. I accuse you of destroying those documents to prevent the people who were investigating what happened here in Roswell in 1947 from going public. Because within those documents you would learn about the 35th US Air Force Detachment. You would learn that the 35th US Air Force Detachment collected data, images, reports, photographs and physical evidence related to reliable reports of UFOs and that in 1947, that information was collected. Sometime between 1947 and 1952, those files were transferred to Detachment 35. In short, Roswell was the scene of at least two, possibly more, UFO crashes. Those accidents were not from Project Mogul weather balloons. The Air Force had it in their possession in 1995, when Congressman Schiff himself was asking for information about what happened here, and they were lying to us through the General Accounting Service, that they did not have any documents. They had a whole file folder. We have the front page of the list of those UFO cases handed over to Detachment 35 by the CIC of the US Army. Roswell was one of them. This indicates that they had the file. I personally have seen some of that information. They had a whole file folder. We have the front page of the list of those UFO cases handed over to Detachment 35 by the CIC of the US Army. Roswell was one of them. This indicates that they had the file. I personally have seen some of that information. They had a whole file folder. We have the front page of the list of those UFO cases handed over to Detachment 35 by the CIC of the US Army. Roswell was one of them. This indicates that they had the file. I personally have seen some of that information.

What happened in July 1947 here in Roswell was the collision of two or more unidentified flying objects, which later turned out to be unidentified. We positively confirm that they were interplanetary ships from somewhere else within our galaxy. They did not originate in our solar system. There were also bodies. We recovered the wreckage, we recovered the entire ship. They have reverence for their dead, I can tell you that we did not keep possession of the bodies for a long time. In one case, there were five entities. Three were killed, one was seriously injured and later died from his injuries. One wasn’t too bad in terms of his injuries. I can’t confirm if he was returned dead or alive. I know we had a problem because the medication, as we understand it, doesn’t work for them. the food we eat, which may be healthy for us, were poisonous to them. So, synthetics had to be applied, and how this was done, I don’t know, because I was not in a position to have knowledge of that.

What I am saying are things that I know for a fact to be true simply because I lived with them and worked with them. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

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