UFOs want our water?

“I never told anyone, only my family and I want people to know, this is something that I will not forget in my life. I am 72 years old and this is something that exists”. The phrase belongs to Roberto Moreira , a retiree from the soft drink industry, who decided to reveal in detail his close encounter with a UFO from a succession of mysterious episodes in Jujuy, which have occurred in recent times with multiple sightings.

One suspicion is that the objects “study” the water of the place. It all began when the Jujuy newspaper El Tribuno began to publish accounts of neighbors who claimed to have seen lights in the sky. Moreira read the articles and asked for space to transcend his experience. “When I read a note from Mrs. Angela de Ponce, I decided to tell my story,” said the witness and resident of the town of Mariano Moreno.

“It is true, when people hear the story they laugh or do not believe it is true, but what I am going to tell you was like that. If I had a Bible, I would put my hand on it, I’m not going to lie to God,” said the man, explaining that one summer night, in March 1997, he was on duty at the neighborhood soft-water plant North. At that time, the factory filled bottles and operated an effluent plant, with a pool about 20 meters long with inlets and outlets. It was close to the river and illuminated. The data is not minor, because the witness is convinced that the crew of the flying object was interested precisely in the water.

“It was around three in the morning, I had to control the liquid, the PH level. Near the plant there was a small pool in which the jugs with the liquids were prepared. I came out with one in each hand and before emptying them I stepped back, like stretching and that’s when I saw him. It was a flying saucer and it was there, about twenty meters from here to the house across the street, at a height of three stories more or less. It was gray, medium-dark gray, large, as wide as a house or a little more,”  Moreira said.

In this framework, the retiree described what a ship would be like, without any type of opening or lights, and that did not make any noise either. It was suspended in the direction of the Paraguay bridge. “I looked to the sides to see if there wasn’t something else, the first thing I did was run to the phone and call the guard, he was a boy with the last name Huaranca, I told him to come down urgently, to drop everything. Then I went out again and it was gone, a few seconds had passed, ten, fifteen, I don’t know. Huaranca believed me, I was agitated, as if I had run ten kilometers. I believe you, he told me, ”he recounted. “I think it’s for something that they come, the water must have caught their attention, the pool aerators that made a lot of bubbles, I don’t know. The pool was illuminated. We believe that this exists. It is the first time that I speak about this so that people know it, “said the man.

The story that triggered Moreira’s revelation was the one provided, also to the newspaper El Tribuno, by another neighbor, Angela Ponce.  “When someone claims to have seen them, the one who listens to the story doubts, laughs, or doesn’t believe it’s true ,” said the woman when she began her story of sighting possible UFOs in the Kennedy neighborhood.

The neighbor indicated that for more than two years she can normally see three “moving stars” during the evening hours, around 7:30 p.m. or 8:00 p.m. and especially in autumn and summer, behind the hill that is close to the Cerro Las Rosas neighborhood. . In the place commonly known as El Cerro de la Cruz, a “very beautiful and large” giant star would first emerge according to Ponce’s statements, advancing northwest in the direction of the Andes Mountains.

Half an hour after the appearance of this star, the second appears and finally a third. According to Ponce, all objects are visible and emit rays of colored light: blue, red, orange, white and yellow.  “They pass one behind the other, and if you wait for ninety minutes, they lose sight of each other ,” he specified, adding that the phenomenon occurs daily at the same time.

“I notified my relatives, friends, neighbors and the people who passed by my path of this news. Everyone approved that it was not about normal stars, and they said that they would not be UFOs either, but airplanes… and they took it as a joke or mistake”, expressed Angela. When the sky is dimly lit by the lights of the city, it would be the right moment to observe this phenomenon, Angela explained, adding that she believes that the lights come from Los Alisos and move away to the West, according to her investigations it would be possible UFOs looking for water in the dam.

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