What Edgar Cayce saw in a vision in the Gobi desert

What Edgar Cayce saw in a vision in the Gobi desert

Many know Edgar Cayce and his predictions. He, being a medium, talked about the library of Atlantis, the underground labyrinthine city under the Sphinx, and the arrival of aliens from Venus, Mars, and outer space. Furthermore, he predicted great changes for our civilization in the future. Some of his predictions came true.

Skeptics argue that all of Cayce’s visions are the product of fantasy or calculation. However, many researchers, and even ordinary people, have believed and continue to believe what the medium said. In this sense, today we will talk about one of the last “predictions” of man, made shortly before his death. Edgar associated the vision with the Gobi desert. In his opinion, it was there that the people of Mars settled in ancient times.

When the creatures arrived on Earth, the territory of the Gobi Desert was covered with bushes and forests. With the help of terraformers (a tool with which it was possible to change the landscape), huge cavities were created underground in a short time. In the southern part of the modern desert was the entrance to the underground settlement of the city.

The Martians did not want to interact with humans, as their culture was very different. Human behavior was considered animal and instinctive. In fact, humans were considered unintelligent beings with insufficient social attributes for full contact.

For the first few millennia, the Martian aliens existed in a closed settlement with no interaction with the outside world. A meteorite then struck Earth, which tore through the floor of what is now the Gobi desert. The core ended up right at the alien settlement. Its surface contained microorganisms that caused a deadly disease in the Martians. The epidemic could not be stopped, most of the creatures died, some managed to get to the surface, they left the underground city, but they could not survive.

Edgar Cayce pointed out that the desert was not formed 40 million years ago, but much later. By then humanity already existed. The medium did not give an exact date, but noted that hundreds of thousands of years had elapsed before the first nations arose. About 1.2 million years ago there was severe climate change in Asia and that’s when the desert appeared.

Hundreds of meters of sand buried the mysterious city of the Martians. As such, it remains inaccessible to humans. In the 1940s, Edgar Cayce argued that deep in the Gobi desert there is a huge city with artifacts from Martian culture and incredible technology for 20th century humanity including spacecraft, vehicles and facilities. When asked if they were working, the medium replied no, but even in that state, Martian technology could have a huge impact on humanity’s development.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence to prove or disprove Cayce’s opinion. There is only one option left: to believe or not to believe the medium’s words. Unfortunately, the technical capabilities of modern mankind do not allow to get to the bottom of this problem. The amount of sand is so great that no technique can cope with the excavation of the entrance to the ancient Martian settlement. Except maybe in the future?

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