Is There an Alien Guard on the Moon? When we last walked on the moon, strange things happened.

The UFO community found various anomalies after studying dozens of official photos taken during the Apollo 17 lunar trip.

The last mission of NASA’s Apollo program, which in 1972 sent the first people to the Moon, was Apollo 17.

During the 12-day mission, the crew captured about 8,400 photographs of the lunar surface, which are now accessible on NASA’s website.

Years after the images were made public, UFO researchers discovered unusual objects in some of the pictures that resemble spaceships but whose origins remain unknown.

Some individuals think the anomalies are merely reflections or lens flares, but growing evidence swiftly disproves these theories.

Apollo 17 is the most recent human mission, with no other astronauts having visited the Moon since 1972. Is there a chance that this is just a coincidence?

The consistent length of time spent in space and on the Moon, as well as the absence of any more manned trips since then, raise several questions.

Is it possible that the Apollo 17 crew discovered an extraterrestrial lunar base? Were they found by UFOs or other alien vehicles? If so, did anybody block or impose restrictions on people’s ability to visit the lunar surface?

Why did the Apollo 17 mission gather so many samples and so many pictures, but never further investigate its findings?

Is the natural satellite of our planet so barren and unimportant that further exploration is not necessary?

The appearance of UFOs during various phases of the Apollo 17 mission is a strong indication (at least to some of us) that NASA may be in favor of a clandestine partnership with extraterrestrials, even if it is still impossible to show that the astronauts were kidnapped by aliens.

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