NASA’s chief of astronauts warns that things are coming that we have never seen before

Space exploration is in a period of great advances, which will allow humanity to witness unprecedented progress. During the last few months, a number of space projects have been launched and are already offering new ways of understanding space flight. One of the most important is the Artemis program, whose goal is to bring astronauts to the lunar surface.

But Artemis will not stop there, it also has the goal of bringing astronauts to the surface of Mars, although this will take longer. Joseph Acabá, NASA’s chief astronaut, has said that humanity will see things never seen before.

The Moon will be the first stop for Artemis, but the plan outlined involves taking manned ships to areas of space never before explored. To achieve this, Artemis 1 was launched without a crew inside.

In December of last year, Artemis 1 successfully returned after a 25-day mission orbiting the Moon. Now, Artemis 2 is scheduled to launch in 2024 and will feature a diverse crew of astronauts.

Artemis III is also planned and will be a manned mission that will represent a breakthrough in the study of the lunar surface and, subsequently, the surface of Mars.

This small revolution in space travel will allow NASA to set foot on the Moon again since the end of the Apollo program in 1972. Although the crew members have not yet been announced, they are expected to be diverse in terms of skills and abilities. knowledge.

The team will be carefully chosen so that they can carry out the necessary tasks and ensure the success of the Artemis program. While the chief astronaut announcement may sound strange, it demonstrates great advances in science. Mankind is about to witness great achievements in space exploration.

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