British Government officials believe that aliens may visit Earth for vacation purposes, and also propose exploiting unidentified object (UFO) technologies for the country’s defense.

Documents from the British Ministry of Defense have classified the purposes of alien visits to Earth as: military reconnaissance, scientific research and tourism.

Aliens can visit Earth for vacation purposes

In a 1995 note published in the National Archives, a British official asserted that the purpose of recorded visits by extraterrestrials should be established as a matter of priority and unlikely. any sign of “hostile intentions”. “It is essential that we begin to open our hearts more… the scientific facts of today may not be true in the future
,” said the official , who asked not to be named. If the reports of UFO sightings are indeed non-terrestrial objects, their intent is clearly not hostile .”

This person also commented: ” If these UFO reflections are real, it shows the existence of extraterrestrial vehicles of remarkable size and speed, and also possessing stealth capabilities .”

From there, the official also suggested exploiting these technologies for defense if they really exist.

Reflections about ” strange objects in the sky” appeared more and more after World War 2, and most of the comments came from “farmers, policemen, doctors and… lovers .” .

“ Most people think that UFOs are a phenomenon but they are not. There are also fairly reliable records of strange objects in the sky from hundreds of years ago, ” the official said.

In 1979, an official note from the British Ministry of Defense preparing for a debate on UFOs before Parliament raised the question of why aliens would want to visit Earth.

One intelligence official suggested that perhaps extraterrestrials have carefully considered the number of planets in the universe that are inhabited, they have a whole list of interesting planets in the universe that an intelligent community has. I might want to visit.

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