A Pentagon spokesman confirmed that the video of the “foreign object” hovering aboard the USS Russell was not fake and is currently being investigated by the Department of Defense’s UFO task force.

The astonishing clip, filmed in July 2019, shows a triangular or pyramid-shaped object hovering above the guided-missile destroyer USS Russell.

The footage was recently made public by documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who insists the mysterious object is definitely not a US military fighter jet project or any other artificial technology that has been used. know.

“Unidentified aerial objects” (or UAPs) were originally described in the clip as “drones,” but Corbell said their odd pyramidal shape doesn’t follow any aerodynamic principles. who ever knew”.

Corbell told UFO Mystery Wire: “This object flew parallel to the USS Russell. It was shaped like some kind of moving vehicle, researchers have confirmed.”

“They have clearly analyzed that this is not something that we own or is an underground project, this is not something from a foreign military, this thing works in ways that we didn’t expect.” , he added.

“And you already know they have a non-aerodynamic shape. Like pyramids, these are flying pyramids!”

The Pentagon has confirmed that the footage is real

Department of Defense (DOD) spokesperson Sue Gough told Futurism that whatever appears in the video is not fake and that the video is currently being operated by the Pentagon’s Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF). check.

“UAPTF has put these incidents to the test,” she said.

“As we’ve said before, in order to maintain operational security and avoid disclosure, DOD does not publicly discuss the details of observations or tests for unauthorized intrusions within the training grounds. or designated airspace, including intrusions suspected of being UAPs”.

Mick West, from the bizarre facts website Contrail Science, believes the flying pyramids are an optical illusion created by night vision technology used for filming. He says the clip shows a perfectly normal aircraft distorted by a photographic phenomenon called bokeh, which photographers often use to create speckled, out-of-focus backgrounds.

However, the bokeh effect often produces round or hexagonal blobs. Currently, there are no commercial lenses that can produce a “flying pyramid” bokeh background. 

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