Police chase “luminous beings” in Minas Gerais

The case that we will report below took place in the city of  Cláudio , in Minas Gerais and is not so recent, as it occurred in November 2008… UFOs” appeared now in 2019 and the official preliminary report was revealed in 2015, proving the unusual episode! After all, cases involving UFO crews always are and will be hidden from the public by the military. This is already customary and provided for, many times, in the regulations of these corporations! But time passes and, gradually, incredible details emerge, thanks to field research conducted by tireless researchers, thus demonstrating the truth of the facts to the Society!

On February 23, 2019, a team from OVNI Pesquisa magazine was in the city of Cláudio collecting new data, information, interviewing civilian and military witnesses and visiting the locations of the facts.


It all started around 10 pm, on a Wednesday night, November 19, 2008, shortly before Brazil’s game against Portugal, when, from her apartment, Mrs. Renata Veloso Guerck Austriaco saw a hexagonal luminous object accompanied of two other spherical flying objects that revolved under its orbit. As the UFO approached the Nossa Senhora Aparecida church, the streetlights in the Bela Vista neighborhood had a blackout, going out block by block.

From that moment on, several locals began to observe the strange lights flying over the city and even landing in the countryside, on the banks of the MG 260 highway.

Renata, who is the wife of Cláudio’s PM Platoon commander, caught the attention of Captain Eisenhower Guerck Austriaco, who began to see the same phenomenon for a few minutes, then called the police station, Corporal Sírio Barbosa de Oliveira and, determining that the vehicle made up of soldiers Corporal Amilton José Rabelo, soldier Heverton Francisco and soldier Balbino, moved to Avenida Bela Vista/Valongo.

One of the smaller objects was silver, and the other flying apparatus was red in color, like glowing iron and sometimes changed color.

At a certain point, the captain called a neighbor, who lived on the sixth floor of the building, Mrs. Irma de Fátima Rodrigues Santos, who began to observe the same phenomenon. Subsequently, a collection of her testimony was made to attach to the “Caso Cláudio” process. Austrian Commander Eisenhower commanded that military action from his apartment window for several hours.


In December 2008, shortly after Corporal Amilton José Rabelo entered the reserve, three photographs of the UFO taken on the first night of observation were published on the UFOVIA portal (http://www.viafanzine.jor.br/site_vf/ufovia /index.htm), by editor and researcher Pepe Chaves, also featuring an interview with that soldier who revealed other details of the action taken.

He said he went to a place called Sobrado, close to the city’s industrial park, where residents claimed they had seen a strange light standing in the middle of the undergrowth. He was in the car, soldier Balbino, soldier Francisco and soldier Renato. The military spotted the UFO on the right side of the road. According to him, “a very strong light of yellow and white colors that made the movement towards the right of our position… We started to follow the light on the MG 260 highway, in the direction of the city of Cláudio to the city of Divinópolis. We arrived close to the alcohol distillery, entered a sugar cane plantation for 500 meters and arrived at a protection fence. We got out of the car. We saw a landed object with a rectangular shape, with oval sides, with the size and appearance of a minibus without wheels, emitting white light, like a xenon headlight. This light came from an opening that cut through the middle of that object. Then he climbed until we lost sight of him”.

When the police thought of getting into the car to return to the police station, the driver, soldier Balbino, warned everyone to look, as the UFO had returned, stopping a little above. The ship made circular movements and then disappeared again. However, before the disappearance, Corporal Rabelo took three photographs of the UFO with his Sony Cyber ​​Shot 7.2 Megapixel camera.


Many comments were made in the city in the following days, including other sightings of mysterious lights in the region. This ufological wave lasted for about three days, and residents were still reporting observations until Friday, November 21st.

On November 30, 2015, the co-editor of OVNI Pesquisa, Edison Boaventura Júnior, officially requested the Cláudio Police Station, through  protocol No. December 10, 2015, according to an email signed by Sergeant Alessandro Cunha.

This four-page preliminary report, dated December 8, 2008, was addressed to the commander of the 23rd BPM, by Commander Eisenhower Guerck Austriaco, and brings appalling news about the case.

We transcribe below part of the report on page 2: “On the 19th and 20th of November we had an experience, along with several other military personnel and people we met and interviewed, about lights that flew over the city, and also about small ‘humanoid’ beings. ‘ who were pursued by the Mitsubishi 13533 car at about 20 km/h through the planted cane. These humanoids seen seemed to slide between the reeds. In all the actions of this officer, several armed soldiers followed the phenomenon at different times, in one of the moments, we were in 03 vehicles. A lady from the village of Ant, when opening the door of her house, would have seen small beings in her backyard and also saw a glowing iron-colored object standing in the air behind eucalyptus trees about 800 meters away, pointing to this Officer’s beret as being the shape of the object seen. The objects flew at an incalculable speed and stopped as if the limits of physics did not exist, they simply stopped suddenly. Objects were turning at angles of ninety degrees or less, shifting forward and back.”


The most important part of the report is when the commander and two sergeants pursue the sighted beings. In the report it is written: “The greatest of all experiences occurred on the night of November 20, 2008, when after three objects disappeared at incredible speed, we returned this Officer, Sergeant William and Sergeant Waldir through the cane field in the region of Povoado de São Bento; we saw two luminous beings, about three feet tall, gliding between the reeds. We were in the Mitsubishi pickup truck driving on a side road when Sergeant William saw something in the bush. He turned vehicle 13533 towards the ‘luminous beings’, when we approached (15 or 20 meters), they began to slide between the canes. We were at about 20 km/h and they were still ahead and to the right, it was noticeable that those things ‘walked’ without touching the ground. We did not see feet or fingers, but we noticed arms, legs and an oval head, and although they were luminous, they did not illuminate”.

The report goes on and states that Sergeant Waldir Araújo Silva tried to photograph the beings, but did not appear on the camera. Sergeant William Alcione Alves da Silva was enchanted by the apparition, as stated in this same report.

The report continues: “What we saw seemed to be putting something in or taking something out of the earth, as if they were scientists. They seemed to control what we thought, left our body tired and unable to think strategically and tactically. The feeling is that we are in a situation of not defining what is reality, what is a dream and what is a nightmare, and everyone felt and saw the same thing. After this experience we all had headaches, anxiety and we couldn’t stop thinking and commenting on what we saw. The desire to drink water stood out, and what seemed like 40 minutes was actually 2 or 3 hours”.

The commander ends the report by writing: “Several people report experiences similar to those of us in the Military and we are going to interview these people. Some narrate hot air entering the house. The vehicles have electrical problems. The Mitsubishi doesn’t start right, the soldiers who saw it and had more contact seem distressed, we are all psychologically or physically different, more tired, sleepy, there are reports of people who felt they were levitating. I will carry out a study on my own. Corporal Rabelo reported and presented photos that he managed to take in his sightings, with his camera. BOs were made on the initial fact, which is on file in this Military Police Fraction”.


In 2019, we interviewed Corporal Rabelo again at his residence and his entire story was confirmed, and in this new conversation some details were added. For example, “before we came across the UFO in the form of a minibus without wheels that had two floors, we were going along the road and we met a boy in a Passat and he was coming from the doctor with his mother, from the city of Oliveira and he face with the light. He was very scared and stopped on the ravine”, said Corporal Rabelo.

He also said that he was sought out by a friend named Brás who was fishing on the same day of his observation, around 11:40 pm when he saw a larger flying object and two smaller ones pass close to the water, causing the surface to sway. from the lagoon. Brás was very scared by that phenomenon!

In a certain part of the interview, he said that he was visited the next day by military personnel from the Air Force who were interested in the details of his sighting.

“The next day, I was off duty and the military from the Lagoa Santa Air Base in Belo Horizonte came and interviewed me, asked me to draw the object and asked for the machine card to copy the photos. They deleted the photos, including personal photos of me. They gave me the zero card. They said that what I had seen was ‘artificial burning of gases’. So, I asked what natural phenomenon does not maneuver like that object did. But, it stayed that way. Lucky for me, I had downloaded the card with the photos onto my home computer,” he said.

During the interview, he said that other similar cases had already occurred in the region, at various times. In February 1996, he was seen by police and he was also a witness to a UFO similar to the one seen by his friend Brás. On this occasion, the phenomenon turned off the electrical part of the vehicle and the communication radio was silent.

Being cases are also not that uncommon in the city. He said that in 2009, Mr. Tonico who lives in Couto saw these beings that shone with the same characteristics that Commander Eisenhower observed. There were three beings and one of them was picking up something from the ground.

Amilton Rabelo ended by saying that he always dreams of this same phenomenon and that recently, he was in his brother-in-law’s garden, during the night, and saw a high light that even illuminated the stairs. He was apprehensive and decided to leave the farm as soon as day dawned.


Civilian witnesses recalled their sightings, corroborating the facts and adding more information to the testimonies collected by the military police.

Cláudia Alves, a civil servant, told about her observation accompanied by her husband on the MG 260 highway, in the Sobrado neighborhood. “We actually saw a luminous object, with a very intense white light, but it didn’t hurt our eyes. He went ahead of us on the highway, around 9 pm, when we were returning from a mass, on a Friday. Ever since we sighted that object, more or less at the cloverleaf, it was always ahead of us in a straight line. Until we arrived at the entrance of our residence in front of the Industrial Park. When we got home we went to the upper floor where there is a balcony to see if we could see it again, but we didn’t see anything else. The object disappeared more or less near the airport,” said Cláudia.

We interviewed the painter Regy Markes Padilha who saw moments before the same phenomenon photographed by Cabo Rabelo. He was accompanied by his mother, Aparecida de Fátima dos Santos Padilha and said: “On November 19, 2008, I was returning from the city of Carmo da Mata with my mother and I saw the light. It was 9:44 pm when I saw that on the side of the road. It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I passed 6 meters from a light so strong that it looked like a small sun. It was the size of a truck, a minibus! It made no noise, it just floated. I saw the reeds glow, for it was a very strong light. It looked like it had fire inside, a very strange color. I didn’t stop the car and went straight ahead, passing the police car. Afterwards, we found out about the case and that it had even been reported to the police and the city was filled with ufologists.


The OVNI Pesquisa magazine field research team   has come back aware that there are more important details to be revealed.

On February 25, 2019, we requested, through the SIC – Citizen Information Service, to COMAER – Air Force Command, responsible for the Lagoa Santa Air Base, in Belo Horizonte – MG, the report, sketch and photos of the fact that occurred in Cláudio… Now we just wait for the response from this Agency to our protocol  nº 60502000499201944 .

Will we have news of this “invasion” or will our Brazilian Air Force continue to cover up the facts in that city in Minas Gerais? This is the question you don’t want to shut up!

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