Japanese Scientists Presented Data “Confirming The Existence Of UFOs”

“Japanese scientists have published data that allegedly confirm the existence of alien ships,” writes the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper.

Experts from the International UFO Laboratory in Fukushima presented more than 450 pieces of evidence they received confirming the existence of UFOs.

According to scientists, they have at least 125 photographs and 24 videos of UFOs in their possession. The published footage shows objects shaped like flying saucers, which many people know about from films about aliens.

Investigator Takeharu Mikami said all materials were checked for possible forgeries using special computer programs.

Experts couldn’t say for sure what UFOs were, but judging by the characteristics of how they fly, they most likely come from deep space.

The laboratory began operations in June 2021 at the UFO Fureai-kan, which was opened in 1992 by the former government of Lino City, now part of Fukushima City.

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